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HI Ladies
 My hubby and I are starting to think about having our third but I am a little nervous about the hospitals here in York. Has anyone had any good experiences in York?
I will be having a C Section because of a medical condition so I am open for Hershey or Lancaster. Anyone have any suggestions for Dr.s or Hospitals to deliver at?

Thank you! 

Re: York Hospital/Hershey/Lancaster

  • I had my second child at Hershey. My prenatal care was spread through different states so I only had the last month and a half at Hershey but they were great! My experience there was pretty amazing and I have absolutely no complaints. I delivered my others at Good Samaritan and had good experiences there two. The biggest difference to me is Hershey your delivery room and recovery are different rooms and good Sam is all in the same room. But that really wasn't a big deal
  • Hi, ashtony
    I can only speak from my experience with Womens and Babies in Lancaster.  My husband and i were blown away with everything about that place.  Everyone there was so caring and patient. We were hoping for a natural birth and came in with a really detailed birth plan. We realized very quickly it wasn't needed since they were so in sync with our wants and needs.  Ended up with a c-section and you would have thought we were the only people they had operated on in a month as they were so kind.  Every single person in that operating room was cooing over our baby and telling us how sweet we were.  
    We don't have enough kind words to say about our experience there.  We were just so very grateful for all the nurses - seriously - even the people who delivered food and cleaned our rooms were just so kind and helpful.
    I'm more than happy to share more if you have any more specific questions - i'd be glad to help.
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  • Hi there, I'm planning on having our baby at York Hospital. We live only 20 minutes away and while this is my first child, I know many moms that have given birth at York and spoke highly of the hospital. If you were considering other options, I'd check into what your doctor thinks and also take the free tours offered at the hospitals. 
  • I.know this is a late response but I'm curious would you mind sharing what Dr. You had? I will be having a scheduled C-section. 
  • @ashtony1 My OBs are part of Wellspan at the Stonebridge office. They are Dr. Huang and Dr. Keperling; both have been fantastic!
  • I'll be delivering at York hospital as well. Had my previous two children there, and I used to work there. I trust them and have had good experiences both times. When is your due date?  Mine is 10/16/18
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