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I lost an 18wk w/out known cause & found out 4mo later i was pregnant again, im scared & feel denial

Is the detached feeling i have goin to subside? How common is it to get pregnant that quickly? And im traumatized by that experience so am totally unconvinces that i get this baby. 
I feel like im a very confused person & am not sure i can actually be happy until i i believe its going to be ok. Im 12 wks now & still very unsure qbout 7 <

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  • I'm so very sorry for your loss. It's normal to have the fears that you do after a loss. Try to hold tight to hope whenever possible. Try to do activities that will take your mind away from the fear - walking outside, listening to music, an adult coloring book - whatever it is that helps and calms you I would encourage you to do. Hugs to you. 

    Trigger Rainbow mentioned

    I lost my son at 39 weeks and welcomed his younger sister 11 months later. 
  • Take deep breaths!!! 

    Find a therapist if you do not already have one.

    Try some prenatal yoga to help with the anxiety!

    Sending lots of prayers for your rainbow baby!!!
  • Thank u for response!!! 
    Very grateful for your suggestions!
  • U all are very thoughtful to take the time to care....
    Very good to feel the support!
  • Wondering how you're doing. I'm assuming you know why you had your loss to know if there's anything more you can do to protect this little one. If it's safe to do prenatal yoga I bet that would be very helpful! For example, I know I won't be able to exercise in future pregnancies. I can totally see why you'd be really anxious with trouble becoming attached... I know we are hopeful to have more children (I'm just 1 month out), but I also suspect I will have a hard time trusting they will be ok. I've notice they have a board for women trying to conceive after loss and wonder if they have something for women who are pregnant again there or in the regular boards. I know it's scary but I'm very happy for you!
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