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Exercise and cramping

Ugh.  PGAL brain has got me again.  Last night I went to Zumba class. I tried to keep it on the lower intensity side.  Afterward I had cramping so I laid down for about an hour.  Eventually it went away.  No spotting.  My problem is that right before I started spotting with my last miscarriage, DH and I had gone out and played some light tennis.  I know that's not what caused my miscarriage, but it's hard not to connect the two.  I'm assuming cramping after exercise is normal.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I definitely don't want to stop exercising, I'm normally extremely active, but now it makes me nervous.......
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Preliminary labs/testing @ 6 months: TSH, A1c, progesterone, prolactin, SA, HSG all normal
BFP: 5/19/2016, M/C: 5/29/2016
BFP: 6/22/2016  EDD 3//6/2017

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Re: Exercise and cramping

  • I absolutely had a ton of cramping from early on until about 16-18 weeks this pregnancy. I did high intensity interval workouts modified in the 1st and 2nd tri because that is the workout I have always done. They are pretty core intensive even though I didn't do a lot of the tradition ab work, I usually felt cramping after the workout and even the next day. I would have days where I would cramp all day, all the way into the 2nd tri, for me it was just my uterus stretching and usually corresponded to growth spurts. There was one night around 5 weeks after I ate a meal with a lot of legumes I had such bad cramping and gas I was sure I was having a miscarriage, but it was just the beans I guess. I always had to remind myself that baby was well protected in there and at the size of a seed for the first few weeks.
  • I had cramping at the beginning of this pregnancy. And when I had a CP I told my sister I was worried that going to the gym while it was trying to implant caused the CP. She said that wouldn't happen.
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    My doc told me as long as my heart rate doesn't go over 150 everything should be good. I would drink more water after your workouts to make sure you're hydrated well. (Edit: wrong your, you're, you are)

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