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My LO is finally putting herself to sleep at night (we did modified sleep training). She was sleeping through the night before that but now I find her sleep is even better (not stirring as much). We're going away next week to  in laws house at shore and she'll be in pack n play. For those who went away, did you continue to put LOs down awake?

Last time we were there she woke up in middle of night for 2 hours... I think bc it wasn't as comfortable as her crib and it was unfamiliar. I'm worried she may cry more bc its unfamiliar, but we just got her to put self to sleep and don't want to stop hat. She's going to sleep in separate bedroom with baby monitor as were nervous well wake her in same room. Anyone gone away and what did you do regarding sleep? 

Re: Vacation

  • My DD stays with my mom occasionally and sleeps in a pnp. She puts her down just like we do. I would try your normal routine first. You may be surprised. 
  • I agree, stick to your normal routine first if possible.  We've traveled several times to different places and my LO has slept in a pack n play as well as a different crib than his own and he does great in both.  There was one time that he was sick while we were traveling and we had to revert back to nursing him to sleep because he was fussy, but when we "re-trained" him once we were back home it only took 1 night before he was back to normal putting himself to sleep again with no crying.
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  • We just got back from a 3 day vacation. Usually she will fall asleep on her own for 2 naps at home. But on vaca I tried to put her down for nap in her pack n play but she refused to take a nap. So daddy just laid with her till she fell asleep. At night took a while but she eventually fell asleep. After waking in middle of night she screamed bloody murder if I put her back in pack n we caved and she slept in bed with us for rest of night. She was back to her normal routine the second day we were home from vaca. 
  • We go through our normal routine when we're away. I will say the pack n play is not nearly as comfortable and if we're gone more than a couple of days we have to stuff a comforter (I know, this is not at all recommended!!) in the bottom of it to soften it up otherwise LO gets worse every night to the point he's waking up every 30 minutes.
  • Thanks ladies! Unfortunately it's day 1 and she wouldn't nap. Then she was up from 12:15-4am, which hasn't happened in a while. She still got up at 7:30.  Here's hoping day 2 is better or we may be heading home earlier than planned. 
  • Good luck, we're flying to Canada for 9 days soon and going back home isn't an option so it could get interesting... luckily my MIL said she got us a used crib for him to sleep in so I hope it will make him feel more like being at home. Problem is our cabin has wall to wall windows with no shades and we basically live sun up to sun down, so he'll have to adjust to that pretty quick and I have no idea how naps will work. Oh well, no one ever  said having a baby would be boring ;)
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