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Can't pick a name for a girl

H and I are trying to narrow our names down for a girl, but neither of us seem to really like the names the other comes up with.  My picks:

H's picks:

Our "we're both meh so nobody wins but it's acceptable" pick:

We both love Charlotte, but it's too popular.  There's already one at the daycare she'd be attending.  We're team green, so watch it be a boy and make this all useless, ha.  Our son's name is Milo, and the middle name we're going to use for a girl is Laurel.

Opinions on our picks?  Any possible suggestions?
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Re: Can't pick a name for a girl

  • So I like all your options and don't think you guys are that far apart.  You both seem to like traditional, classic slightly uncommon names


    Adelaide Laurel
    Rosalind Laurel
    Beatrice Laurel 
    Frances Laurel
    Elise Laurel
    Helena Laurel
    Cordelia Laurel
    Alice laurel
    Matilda Laurel
    Cecily Laurel

    Another option is to take some time away from names. A week or two away from thinking about it might actually change your opinion about one of them.
  • Would you consider Laurel as a first name?  It's really pretty, unexpected, and not that different style-wise than your current picks.  

    I think all your picks are better than the compromise of Adalind. 
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  • My votes are for Adeline and Amelia. A pp suggested Adelaide, and that came to mind for me too! 
  • I love Estelle Laurel. There's also Stella, too. 
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  • I love Tabitha!  Tabitha Laurel is beautiful but I really like Tabitha Estelle. Both of your top choices are solid. I don't think Adalind is as strong. Good luck!
  • I like Tabitha!

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  • juliehollz13juliehollz13
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    I say go with Charlotte. Amelia is on the top 10, so same as Charlotte, and Adaline, Adalynn, Adalinde are super popular and there's about 3 babies on my FB born this year named Adalynn/Adaline 
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  • Laurel is pretty as a first name as well!

    My suggestion is for Amelia Estelle, just in case the middle name is subject to change.

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  • jenEPjenEP
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    Estelle, tabitha and laurel are lovely. I have such a positive association with Estelle because it's mu good friend's daughter's name and she's wonderful
  • My favorite name on your list is actually Laurel.  I love that for a first name!
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  • I love Laurel. 

    I wouldn't discount Charlotte just for popularity, though, especially if you both love it. I checked the number of Charlottes born in my state last year and it averages out to about 2 per county. That is a pretty small number, actually. Amelia's popularity is pretty similar. Pockets of popularity can be kind of unpredictable. I know 4 Adelines and 4 Barretts just in my circle of friends, and all of their parents thought they were choosing a rare name.
  • If you both love Charlotte you should use it! 
  • emisiemisi
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    Thanks for all the feedback! I like Adelaide and Elise, I'll run those by H and see what he says. As for using Laurel, it's actually my aunt's name, and since she's still alive, that would probably be a little weird. ;)
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