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Anyone still on just cereal and purées?

My son has a wicked easier gag reflex and still on rice cereal and stage 2 purées. He just started being able to eat puffs without choking and puking. It's frustrating because I feel like he should to be able to eat more than what he has now. He's 9 1/2 months. 

Re: Anyone still on just cereal and purées?

  • We are! LO will be 10 months the first week of July. :(  We have to put stage 3 in a food processor for just 5-10 seconds and it's still chunky but TINY chunks. My DH and I are shocked at how big of a difference it is from stage 2 to stage 3! Frustrating for sure. He's suppose to be off formula in almost two months from NOW and what the hell am I going to feed him?!?! 
  • My LO has a horrible gag reflex too!  He almost threw up tonight when eating mashed potatoes because he was gagging so much!  We still do  mostly purees but he does eat small finger foods like peas, Cheerios (broken in half-I'm too scared to give them whole!)  small chopped up bites of fruit, etc.  I've found its harder for him to eat something mushy that might stick to his tongue like mashed potatoes than it is to eat foods that are more solid like a pea or Cheerios.
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  • My lo also has a horrible gag reflex. I feel like in the past couple of weeks, it's really been getting better, but I've also noticed that softer drier stuff that mashes like sweet potato bits are harder for her than crackers or scrambled eggs, We've been working with an occupational therapist and she's really helped us.

    Some of the things we've been doing are to give her a carrot stick and let her dip it into her purées and feed herself because that way she is desensitizing her gag reflex on her own. 

    Also so adding crushed crackers to 1-2 oz of purées since she eats cracker bits really well.

    And when we do just regular purées to press very gently on her tongue with the spoon and make lots of silly noises to distract her. 

    Also we brush the insides of her cheeks and along her gums and her tongue twice a day when we brush her teeth. 
  • For us it was our daycare holding us back they wouldn't allow stage 3 till 10 month and no adult food till 12 m. Well we just moved to a new daycare where they have a kitchen and feed all the kids so in 3 days he has aquire the pincer grip and is already feeding himself better. The only issue is he shoves his mouth full and doesn't chew great so we've got to get him out of that habit
  • We are, but that's because she still has no teeth. 
  • DD gags at stage 3 chunks. I like the suggestion about putting it in blender to purée. I've tried to give her puffs but she just plays with them like jacks. Also tried bananas which she loves but wouldn't eat them. Not sure why - could she just not be ready?? 
  • Our pediatrician told us just stage 2 for now. She still gags on puffs. She won't even put them in her mouth. We tried cutting up pears but she just spits them out. However she loves pear purée. 
  • DS2 eats everything we do BUT DS1 really struggled with finger foods, textures and gagging so I've been there.  It can be really easy to worry, I was pretty freaked out as we came up on his 1st birthday and he still wouldn't touch/eat anything.  However, one day a few days before he turned one he grabbed the egg out of DH's breakfast sandwich and never looked back.  
  • We're doing a little bit of everything! Mostly still pureed foods with rice or oatmeal mixed in and then adding small chunks of food. Like pureed green beans and rice for dinner with some chunks of banana and some cheerios. I feel like mixing it up and keeping it different has helped with our LO because she was/is a gager lol 
  • Our pediatrician said not to worry about it when I voiced concern that he wasn't eating table food. He explained that the teeth he has aren't for chewing so it makes sense he has the same tiny piece of chicken in his mouth for 15 minutes. I tried pastina last week and he gagged but when I added some to his purée he did fine. I thicken his purée up pretty good ( almost as thick as peanut butter) so I know he can handle thicker food. 
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  • We are working on it but still not making much progress. She'll eat stage 3 fine but shows little interest in feeding her self. She just started to try and eat what I eat but most of the time it's really hard food and when I try and switch over to eat something softer she looses instrest. She'll try and feed herself puffs every once and awhile but hasn't been successful. I figured she'll figure it out when she's ready... But still it's frustrating 
  • Having the same issue.  Pediatrician urged us at his 9mo checkup to try more table foods.  He'll eat puffs but hasn't mastered the pincer grasp.  He still wants us to feed him.  Just takes longer to feed him now and he's so hungry so we normally give him a jar of puree and then do some finger foods after. 
    So far he likes green beans, carrots, eggs, toast, and bananas. 

    Good luck!

  • I gave up worrying about this. She eats stage 2 with oatmeal mixed in at daycare for two meals a day during the week - we do formula at home otherwise she gets constipated. On the weekends it depends on how much running we're doing. I give her bites of food we're eating (carrots, cucumber, egg, toast, tater tots, apple chunks, etc) but all she does is play with them and throw them on the floor. I think all kids figure it out in their own time, as with pretty much every milestone!

  • Same here! It is getting better. DS loves puffs now and will eat bananas and broccoli. It is annoying when people tell me I have to start giving him real table food. He's a baby and he will eat it when he is ready.
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