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Can't stand for too long?

Lately I've found that I can't stand up for too long, otherwise I start feeling like I'll faint. It's such an uncomfortable, bad feeling. Also sort of like my heart gets beating faster and I have to try to take deep breaths, and my skin feels funny. I remember having this same symptom when I was pregnant with my daughter, but it makes it no less kind of scary. Anyone else experience this? I'll be bringing it up with my doctor at my next appointment.
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Re: Can't stand for too long?

  • I haven't had that particular problem, but I've been noticing that my legs and feet go pins and needles a lot easier now when I sit for too long. They might both be circulation issues. I'd call and ask your OB or midwife about it.
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  • Yes! I've had this with my dd as well as this time around. I found out I have a hyperactive thyroid causing my problems. I'd take it easy until you're able to talk to your ob about how you're feeling and what they'd suggest.
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  • I sometimes have that problem if I haven't been eating enough.  I struggle to keep up with all the recommended snacking while chasing after DD (something I'm sure you can relate to - didn't you say you have a little girl, too?). Maybe when it happens, eat a snack and see if the feeling goes away?  And I agree with @PaukMeKiande that speaking with OB/midwife would probably be a good idea!
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  • I've been experiencing the exact same thing for the past 2 weeks (12 weeks now). I feel super pathetic because I can't even stir something on the stove for 2 minutes without feeling that way. If I wait too long before sitting down my vision will start to get dark. I'll ask my doctor at my next appointment, but I'm not freaking out about it. Don't be afraid to sit down and take a break or give your OB a call if you're worried about it.
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    @Michellewfhs This happens, too! Exactly! I'll be cooking at the stove and I'll have to sit on the kitchen floor because I can't continue standing to stir the pot! I find it gets much better and goes away if I sit down, but lying on the couch, especially on my left side, helps the best. 
    It's so frustrating because I find just cleaning my house exhausts me. I'll get the living, dining, and kitchen all tidied up, but then I feel out of breath and woozy and have to lay down. Then the rest of the house doesn't get cleaned. I have to sit down when I'm doing laundry, because again, standing too long doesn't work. I'm doing my best to take it easy and just sit and rest as much as one can with a toddler running around, but then I feel like I'm being lazy. I feel so bad when my husband comes home from working 12+ hours and the house is untidy :neutral:
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    Sounds like low blood pressure episodes to me- definitely talk to your doc! I have very low BP naturally and have to drink tonnnnssssss of water and up my sodium intake to combat it. The best thing to do is just sit immediately when you feel that way- don't try to get to a couch or whatever, particularly if your vision starts getting dark or your head gets really heavy. (I straight up fell down the stairs once, passing out trying to make it to my bed before I understood what was going on) 

    I don't really know about during pregnancy but normally there's not much they can do besides give you nutrition advice. My doc won't "treat" it unless I'm passing out regularly (I typically fully pass out only once or twice a year)   

    ETA but my blood pressure went up almost instantly when I got pregnant, usually maxes out at 100/60 but I'm closer to 115/70 right now
  • I there with you.  It's really bad after I vomit.  I get shaky too and breathing feels like work.  I can't take showers anymore because of it.  My husband gives me baths (which makes me feel horrible because I'm not a damsel in distress kind of woman) and when I'm out, I still almost faint just toweling off.  I think I scared him yesterday because after I lost dinner, I just layed down on the kitchen floor.  Sitting wasn't going to help.  He wanted me to get up and sit but I insisted I just needed to lay down for a bit.  I hate this feeling of weakness.

    i had this problem in my last pregnancy too but I had hyperemesis gravidarum last time and lost over 40 pounds before the 3rd trimester.  This time I don't have HG but still have lost around 25 so far.  I'm hoping when the magic 2nd trimester hits, I'll be better.
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  • I've also noticed that dehydration or low blood sugar causes this for me. 
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    I don't know why I didn't think about drinking more water. I haven't been great about that. 
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  • After I donated eggs I would get light headed and nauseous if I stood up too long, sometimes it would happen after just a minute, and turned out I had low sodium. They would have me drinking more sodium (liquid sodium is different then sodium in food, btw) and more water, BUT not too much water without sodium because it could be water poisoning if your body is retaining too much water and your sodium levels are too low. I was constantly drinking salt water (just add salt to water, or drink gatoraide) per doctor request. It would help a TON. BUT, ask your doctor before drinking a ton of sodium just in case.

    For me, my tailbone is killing me. Apparently my ligaments are relaxing in my tailbone area making things hurt more.
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  • I was having severe dizzy spells from 7-11 weeks and was going nuts. I was advised by many people, including my OB, to drink more water. But I typically drink 1.5-2L water a day, so I was sure it couldn't be that. Well, I've increased my water intake to 2-3L a day plus 2 20 oz bottles of Gatorade to keep electrolytes, and I have had a noticeable difference the past 2 weeks. I bring 2 1L bottles of water to work with me, try to drink one by lunch and the other before I go home, have a Gatorade in the morning since water just unsettles me first thing in the morning, and another Gatorade on my way home. Anything I drink with dinner is just a plus.

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