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Red circles under eyes

Hey ladies, does anyone else's LO get this? It just started happening to my boy and at first I thought maybe he had hit his face at night in the crib and given himself a black eye (it was only the left one) but today it's both and they are definitely red not blueish. I've read maybe allergies or clogged ducts, or sleep issues. It could be any I guess. We're night weaning so he has been up more as he has been protesting not getting his usual amount of night feeds. I have noticed he's been rubbing his eyes a lot this week, especially at night when he wakes, but I thought it was that he was tired. DH and I don't have allergies so I'm not too sure of what to do about that if it is. Any experience or thoughts? Will be asking at his checkup next week but would appreciate any advice. I'll upload a pic so you can see, thanks! 

Re: Red circles under eyes

  • I don't know what it is but he is SERIOUSLY the cutest baby in the world!!!!!!!!! What a sweet face!!!!
  • Sometimes my LOs get like that if he's really tired and missed a nap or something.  Also, has he been sick at all or had any green discharge from the eyes?  My LO had pink eye a month ago and I noticed it was a little red around his eyes even though his actual eyes looked normal.
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  • Thank you!

    He hasn't been sick at all, just not sleeping the best right now. I could look into pink eye, his eyes look fine it's just the area around them. It really does look like he's got two shiners on the way! 
  • Noah does too, always when he's tired. He gets it from me 
  • Omg, so cute! It's hard to know when it's just something like sleep and when it's an actual problem. Ugh, babies are so complicated! 
  • Chase's eyes always look like that when he is tired. I know it's nap time when his eyes get red. It happens before he gets fussy. He looks like he has dark circles sometimes. 
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  • Allergies.  DD's eyes have been doing this all weekend outside. 
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  • They're gotten much worse and are actually chapped and super puffy now. Poor kid. Saw a PA friend yesterday and she said allergies have just exploded in our town. He's on baby zyrtec but she said he may need steroids so we're going in after the holiday. Thanks everyone! 
  • LO sometimes gets that when she's overtired.
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