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Thankful Thursday 6/30

Today's the last day of June; can you believe it?! What are you thankful for today? 
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Re: Thankful Thursday 6/30

  • I'm thankful to have all of our belongings at the new house, even though they're mostly in boxes.  I'm thankful for the new queen bed that will be arriving tomorrow because it means that DH and I won't have to squeeze into a full anymore.  I'm thankful that DD put herself to sleep last night for the first time EVER and for the past two hours we've been cuddling in bed while she gets even more rest.  And I'm thankful for my caring and hardworking DH :) and the new baby, of course!
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  • I'm thankful that the first trimester is almost over! 
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  • I'm grateful to have family to be with this weekend. We're going camping :). It's easy to forget how many people are out there who literally don't have anyone and don't have anywhere to be on holiday weekends. 

    I'm also thankful to feel my belly growing and coming to the realization every day that, there really IS a baby in there. :D


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  • I'm thankful for the upcoming long weekend. Food and sleep and fireworks! Yay! 

    I'm thankful for Pinterest. I'm too tired/lazy to think of anything lately (dinner, nursery ideas, gifts). 

    I'm thankful for my Snoogle pregnancy pillow. I'm sleeping better than I have in months and my back pain is finally starting to lessen. 
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    I am thankful that I was able to contribute to our home upgrades yesterday for the first time in a while. My husband has been working so hard to get it ready to list for rent and I was feeling well enough to contribute.

    I am, of course, grateful for all his hard work as we prepare for this move and the care he's been taking of me.

    I am thankful we will have this holiday weekend to relax and cherish family before our move to AL.

    I am thankful that I am beginning to feel calm and excited about our baby. I've always been happy, just filled with a lot of worry, which is still there but easing. 
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  • Sonic's happy hour, the only kind of happy hour I get this year. 

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  • That I'm home! I love vacation but it can never beat your own bed! I am super thankful for my bed. 
    Also that sleeping on my side helped with back pain... even if I hate sleeping on my side. Less pain during the day with moving, so worth it. 
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