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Zyrtec & Ear Drops - help

Anyone's LO on Zyrtec for ear infections? LO just got her first ear infection - they thought her teething and environmental allergies produced so much snot and it backed into her ears. They gave me ear drop antibiotics along with Zyrtec to dry out the snot. The ear drops are so hard - they keep falling out of her ears the minute she sits up - any tips on that? I hold her sideways for 5 min each ear but they still fall out! The Zyrtec - they basically said to give that whenever she starts teething to help prevent another ear infection from starting. we can't do oral antibiotics due to her past history of c diff infection which is usually caused by taking antibiotics so we are stuck with ear drops for now.

Re: Zyrtec & Ear Drops - help

  • LO has gotten ear infections from congestion as a result of seasonal allergies. He has six teeth but in our case, teething has had nothing to do with LO's congestion. He is on Zyrtec. I hate giving him meds everyday so once the stuffy nose clears up, I will stop and at the first sign of him sneezing / rubbing his eyes, I will start it up again. Zyrtec has really worked for LO. 

    No experience with ear drops. I can imagine it is hard getting it in tiny ears though. 
  • We do allergy meds with my older son at the first sign of drainage. This has helped a lot with ear infections. We have done drops a few times and some always come back out. I think as long as some gets in it is helping. 
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  • My friends son took Zyrtec for several months and she said he was a holy terror. He also would have night terrors. She took him off and he was a diff baby. Just FYI if you see and behavioral changes. If you look it up online, there is quite a lot about the behavioral side affects if zyrtec in toddlers and kids. Just FYI. 
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