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Gallbladder issues, seeking advice from someone who has experienced it

I have a dr appt tomorrow AM. I am sick constantly. Kept thinking I was getting food poisoning after eating, yet DH and I eat the exact same thing and he's fine. It's been happening nonstop for about 12 weeks. Horrible(worse than giving birth) pain with no relief. Vomit and diarrhea nonstop, especially diarrhea after I eat anything. Sorry TMI. Horrible bloat and belching. I'm terrified to eat anything. I'm scared to leave the house incase I have a episode and there's no toilet around?! No I'm not pregnant tools test today. Negative as can be and haven't missed a cycle. I'm just terrified to have my gallbladder removed. No diet seems to help. Anyone had similar issues after LO born?? 

Re: Gallbladder issues, seeking advice from someone who has experienced it

  • Yes! This was discussed in a post a few weeks ago and I know several other woman who also had problems so I'm sure you'll get several responses.

    I had episodes of horrible abdominal pain starting around 4 or 5 weeks post partum along with diarrhea pretty much anytime I ate. Oddly enough I did figure out the episodes of pain happened everytime I drank TEA of all things! But anyway, a change in diet helped some with some of the issues but not enough to stop the diarrhea or pain completely.

    I ended up in the E.R. Doubled over in pain so bad I vomited in the parking lot on the way in. That was about 5 months after the very first episode. I ended up with an ultrasound and some bloodwork 2 days later that confirmed inflammation of my gallbladder and gallstones. I had my gallbladder removed about 3 weeks later and that was significantly less stressful and scary than the csection I had when my son was born.

    You're not supposed to lift anything above a certain weight for a couple of weeks (I believe it's 5 or 10lbs) but being a sahm means that was COMPLETELY unrealistic for me- which I informed my doctor of upfront. He put a couple of extra stitches in my belly button incision to help kind of reinforce it.

    Day 1 after surgery wasn't really an issue, day 2 I felt like absolute garbage and was very sore and tired, day 3 less so but still sore and tired, day 4 I was pretty much back to normal. I still had bouts of diarrhea for about a month after the surgery (doctor will warn you that this is totally normal as your body is now digesting without the use of stored bile in the gallbladder to help breakdown certain foods) but no worse than before it and now my digestion is back to normal and I don't have to worry about being close to a bathroom after every snack or meal. I feel SO much better- like I honestly didn't even realize how bad I felt until I had it done.

    best of luck to you, momma! I know surgery and anything like that can be scary and you'll be nervous but if that's what you need to have done it will be over before you know it and you will feel tremendously better.
  • I had mine out and the surgery was a piece of cake, it's not biggy. Sounds so much worse than it is. Eat bland things and stick to the BRAT diet 
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  • Yes my post was the previous one. Took about 4 days after surgery and I was fine had surgery Friday took care of my son no problem monday. Little sore for a bit but was fine. I was super not ok having it removed and I'm actually fine now 1.5 weeks with diarrhea after surgery and now no issues. All your symptoms sound like gb gotta come out
  • I have endoscopy scheduled at the end of July to see whats going as I am having similar issues. It sucks. I'm scared to eat anything. Idk what they will find, but i hope they can just help me. I can't keep going on like this. Good luck to you, mama!
  • I'm worried I might be having gallbladder problems too.  I need to schedule an appointment to get everything checked out.  I will randomly get sick after eating.  It can be something healthy and bland, or something real pattern to it.  It's not food poisoning because my husband eats the same thing and is totally fine.  I just had an episode yesterday.  Ate a turkey sandwich for lunch, and about 45 minutes later it started.  I feel like I've been hit by a cannonball in my stomach, kind of right under my breasts.  My mouth gets super watery.  I get nausea, sweaty, pain pain pain.  After about two hours it finally settled down.  

    I have some allergic reactions to certain foods...started when I was a teenager out of the blue.  I have problems with stone fruits (nectarines, peaches, cherries, etc), HUGE issue with broccoli, avocado, cabbage.  I kept thinking maybe I was just getting super sensitive to certain foods again.  But it seems like it can happen with anything now!  I had a little frozen broccoli a few weeks back (was usually ok if it was frozen and steamed like crazy) about an hour later I was SO sick.  Major pain, sweating, ended up vomiting a few times.  

    My mom had her gallbladder removed when I was in high school.  Anything fatty triggered major issues with her, and things like popcorn and cucumbers.

  • Wow I had no idea how common this is. At doctor, waiting...they said all signs point to gallbladder removal. I'm super scared.

    That sounds exactly like me...I'm so sorry. The pain is so beyond. I was actually hitting the wall and screaming last time. No joke. Then the vomit started.@Imbrandt
  • CEW225CEW225 member
    Do you know if you have stones @LoveLee85?  I didn't have stones, but a 0% function rate.  Have you had an ultrasound or a hida scan?  

    The surgery really isn't that bad.  I had minor complications and had to have a drainage tube in for a couple of days.  Once they took that out though, it was an easy recovery.  The drainage tube isn't very common though, so you probably won't have to worry about that at all!
  • Well, I'm super frustrated and left with no answers!!! 

    My normal family practice doctor was on vacation so I saw her LPN and her NP. One said yep I had the same exact symptoms after baby and had my gallbladder removed. Then proceeded to tell me she wasn't the doctor but says it sounds just like gallbladder. 

    The other offered zero test other than looking in my ears, blood pressure and stethoscope while I breath in; then proceeded to tell me 'vomit, abdominal pain and diarrhea doesn't sound like gallbladder'. WTH Then started mentioning Crones disease and cancer. But then said she wasn't a doctor and couldn't diagnose me. WHAT THE F?!??!?!?!? 

    So, then She said she was calling the local hospital to set up a CAT scan of my entire abdomen and blood work...then I sat there forever while waiting to schedule. So turns out my insurance company is trying to say It won't cover the CAT scan and she said she would have to call and argue with them about why I need it. BLAH. So, I was sent home with that.....absolutely nothing!? They said they would call me soon. 

    How did they check you all for gallbladder function or gallstones?? My friend is in the medical field and was shocked they didn't just give me an ultrasound for quick answers about what is going on. 

  • CEW225 said:
    Do you know if you have stones @LoveLee85?  I didn't have stones, but a 0% function rate.  Have you had an ultrasound or a hida scan?  

    The surgery really isn't that bad.  I had minor complications and had to have a drainage tube in for a couple of days.  Once they took that out though, it was an easy recovery.  The drainage tube isn't very common though, so you probably won't have to worry about that at all!
    I have no idea?! I was just given the run around. And the worst part is I physically feel AWFUL still and I'm terrified to eat anything. @CEW225
  • djf911djf911 member
    So I had my gall bladder removed about 2 1/2 years ago. I felt really full and pressure in the middle right be low my rib cage. Felt like I was 9 months pregnant. I drank an entire bottle of Pepto bismol throughout the day with no relief. Eating didn't make it worse since it was just constant discomfort. The next take I went to the doctor and saw a NP - she saw in my chart that I complained of heartburn like 2 years earlier and thought that I was having an acid reflux flare up -she told me to take a Prilosec and I went home. The next morning I woke up when my BF was getting ready for work and was crying I was in so much pain. I went to the ER. I say there for a bit but they gave me morphine for the pain. I was seen and then went for a CT scan and an ultrasound. They said my gall bladder was inflamed and they could see stones. The nurse in the ER (who worked there for like 30 years) thought the surgeon consult was going to send me home and schedule a surgery. Well he came down and the put me in a room for the night and I had surgery the next morning. I had 4 small incisions maybe an inch long each, if that. The incisions were fine and never bothered me. My ab muscles were sore for a few days but that was it - like I had just done a killer ab workout. I had surgery done on Friday any was back to work on Tuesday. I would have been there Monday but I had an appointment already scheduled. Since surgery no foods have bothered me at all. Good luck 
  • They would do an ultrasound and possibly bloodwork to check gallbladder. I would decline the cat scan personally and either find another doctor or wait for yours to get back. Diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting sounds EXACTLY like gallbladder. I don't know if there's a difference in symptoms with gallstones vs. loss of function tbh.
  • I hate how drs write everything off as crohns or IBS or colitis. Are you having bloody stools? Because that happens with those diseases. 

    With mine, I had horrible pain right at the top of my stomach and the pain gravitated to the left and all the way to my back. Mine ended up being pancreatitis and they saw that from bloodwork (normal levels are like 49 and below, mine were at 480). As for the gallstones, they first did an ultrasound and found nothing. They later went in and did what's called an ERCP, you're knocked out completely for that. With me, he actually couldn't even find any gallstones so he was so confused as to why I had pancreatits. (Clearly not from alcohol since I had just a had a baby 6weeks prior). Anyway he did say he found fragments of what could have been a stone or stones that I passed. We ended up deciding on taking my gallbladder out and two days later I was fine. BUT I went back the following week because my pancreas levels went up again. After seeing a neuropath dr and being on two different digestive supplements the pain was gone and I haven't had anything since. I pretty much didn't eat the entire month of November. The first time I finally was able to eat was Thanksgiving! 
  • Yiggle09Yiggle09 member
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    A simple Google search will tell them nausea vomiting diarrhea are gallbladder symptoms. I had one night I got nauseous 4 times 4th time vomited on floor by my bed. An ultrasound will tell you if your full of stones and if you are contracted which should only happen if you had just eaten so a gallbladder ultrasound is done fasting. Hida scan is a nuclear medicine exam which will tell them if the gallbladder is functioning properly. I would get a second opinion and say no to a CT scan. I went to some random urgent care place first and they sent me asap for the ultrasound. @LoveLee85

  • CEW225CEW225 member
    @LoveLee85 You definitely need a second opinion.  I had an ultrasound done first and it showed no stones. They let me go for another two weeks just see what happened and I ended up in the ER because of pain.  It felt like my stomach was ripping open.  At first, the didn't want to think it was gallbladder but they finally decided to schedule me for a hida scan to check for the function.  

    You don't need a CT scan so it doesnt matter that insurance won't cover it IMO.  

    Good luck!  I know how you feel and it's awful. I ate lots of grilled chicken, to the point where I didn't eat grilled chicken for a month after my gallbladder was out LOL, bland veggies, some fruit, toast, rice, etc.  
  • Thank you everyone. I have never had blood in my stool in my life...she kept asking me over and over again if I had bloody stool?! NO LADY! 

    The weirdest part was the LPN had my exact experience and was so sympathetic. The NP had zero caring and acted like I was lying...and I left with zero medical advice or further plans to investigate?! They still haven't called me today about setting something up. I want to call and refuse CAT scan and ask for something easier like untrasound first. How do I do this without coming off as a rude know it all patient??? 
  • My sister said to cancel the CAT scan and blood work and next time it happens just go to the ER. I don't really want to do that! There has to be another way? 
  • I'd say Google general surgeons and make appointment but usually you'll need your ultrasound results before they will see you... er visit would get you your ultrasound and possibly surgery soon after but expensive and you've got the lo to think of if you get admitted. I ended up having to go to er because I turned jaundice and had pain through the roof to where I could no longer stay home and needed pain relief. I ended up needing an ercp to remove the gallstone making its way down common bile duct. Do you have an urgent care place near you? They sometimes have an ultrasound there or can give you a script for it but follow up there would be difficult as well. If you can get in soon to see your real dr I would do that first. Make sure when you call office you demand to schedule with MD not NP or APRN
  • So here's a question- Have any of you noticed weight gain or struggle to lose weight in your stomach after having your gallbladder removed? I had mine removed last November, and initially I lost a bunch of weight from not eating. But now I feel like the weight in my stomach won't budge. I cut out sugar and breads about 2mos ago, and it made some difference but not much, it seems. I know I've heard stomach weight is the hardest to lose in the stomach... But this is getting frustrating 
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