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Simon and Owen too close?

I know I've posted a couple times now about our twin boy names - we are just having such a hard time settling! One will be Elliot, and while I do love Elliot and Owen together I worry that it is too similar to DS1 (Simon). Thoughts?

Re: Simon and Owen too close?

  • I really think it's fine!
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  • Not to close at all
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  • The only thing I would say to keep in mind with Owen and Simon is how the names will sound when you call the kids across the room or house. My DHs name is Garrett and my MIL is Sharon- not similar at all right? Well when my FIL calls either one its SHARRRRR or GARRR and they both say "what?!?" 

    I feel like the -enn sounds of Simon and Owen could get confusing in that situation, but if you don't see yourself calling out their names loudly I wouldn't be concerned (btw I don't want that to sound sarcastic- I truly mean that calling out names across the house just isn't everyone's style)
  • I think it's fine. 

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  • I'm usually very picky with matchy names and this doesn't bother me

  • I really like all 3 of the names and think they go really well together!

  • not at all

  • I don't think they're too close.
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  • I love all three of those names together! Fantastic picks!
  • Thanks for the feedback! Hoping we are finalized in the next couple weeks so we can order some hats and personalize the nursery before they arrive!
  • Fine! And I always think things are too matchy.
  • I think Elliott, Simon, and Owen are great together!
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