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Narrowed down to two boy names. Thoughts please!

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We're torn between these two names for our little boy. Would love to hear your thoughts! 
Miles Patrick
Simon Patrick
MN is for my brother so that's pretty set. Older sister is Anna. 

Re: Narrowed down to two boy names. Thoughts please!

  • My DS1 is Simon, so I do love that name. But Miles is on our long list for one of these twins, so I can see why you're torn! I think with your mn choice, I prefer the flow of Simon Patrick.
  • I think both are great choices! I prefer the flow of Simon Patrick slightly more.

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  • Simon. 

    Both are nice though.
  • I prefer Simon as well. 
  • I love both, they are great!

    My preference goes to Simon.

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  • Both are nice, but I vote Simon. It's classic and underused and goes great with Anna. 
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  • I like Miles Patrick better just because I like Miles better than Simon, but Simon Patrick's not bad either!
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  • Simon Patrick
  • I am due with our first boy any day now and my husband and I debated between Miles and Simon as our top two names as well. It was such a tough choice for us. Ultimately, we decided to go with Simon and I'm so happy with it, so obviously that's my vote for you too. 

    One of the reasons that I didn't choose Miles, even though I still love the name, is that I think it's a mouthful when you make it possessive since it ends in -es. I think I would really get bothered by this over time. However, the name is growing in popularity so I think this might just be my issue. 

    Both are great names, and you can't go wrong with either. 
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    Simon is great! 
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  • Both are great! You could take them both to the hospital and decide when you meet him - one will probably feel more fitting than the other once you see your babe. Good luck! 
  • Simon. 

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  • Senorita! Yes, we've been having the exact same issue with the possessive of Miles. We've been trying it out to see how it would sound... "It's in Miles' room" vs. "It's in Miles's room" The latter sounds horrible. I've been trying to think of how I would make other -es names possessive (eg James') and for some reason, they don't sound as bad as it does for Miles. I would just try not to add the extra "ez" on the end but I know other people would. And that would bug me... hmmm. 
  • Simon is a nice name, just NMS. I love Miles though!
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  • I like both names but prefer Miles. 
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  • Both are great names but I prefer Miles.
  • Both are great names! I prefer Miles but think Simon Patrick has a better flow.
  • Love Simon. Both are good choices though. 

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  • I like Simon as well!
  • Simon by a lot.
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  • Love Simon!
  • Meet him first. 
    Miles, Simon and Ian were our 3 names when we went to the hospital. I truly thought Miles would have been his name weeks prior. He left an Ian. I LOVE Simon!
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  • Both are great names but I think I like Simon just a little more. 
  • leksiLleksiL
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    I like Miles!

    You might be overthinking the possessive issue. My name ends in an "s" and it has never come up or even been an issue in 35 years!
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  • My preference would be Miles Patrick.

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