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Stranger anxiety

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Hi ladies,

This is my first post! I've been following since September and enjoy watching mom's helping each other. 

Anywayssss,  my lo has been exhibiting signs of stranger anxiety since Christmas. The second she was placed into someone else's arms she screamed and screamed. It was only recently that she started to like being held by my mom and mil.  

She is very attached to me and my husband.  I like that she knows to trust us and loves being around us. My worry is the fact that I am heading back to work in September and she will be going to daycare. I have spoken to her doctor who suggested that I continue leaving her with family for increments of time (which I do)  I did this today and she screamed for 3 hours. She only calmed when I came home.

Has anyone experienced this? I am hoping it'll get better with time. However this has been going on since December and I worry about her bring traumatized when I have to back to work. 

Re: Stranger anxiety

  • Well I don't have much advice really but hopefully my story will give you a little hope at least.  My situation was a little different, but back when my LO was a newborn, he was very colicky and cried all the time.  The only thing that calmed him was me holding him and walking around and around the house all day long.  And most of the time it had to be me to walk him around, not anyone else.  I was so nervous to go back to work at 12 weeks knowing that the daycare wouldn't be able to give him the same type of attention and comfort that I could.  I even cried several days thinking that I should just quit my job because it would
    never work out.  To my surprise (and relief), he LOVED daycare.  I think being with all of the other babies, and all the new, different toys really distracted him from the fact that I wasn't there, and he has learned great social skills.  

    Also, our daycare allowed us to do a few "trial days" in the week leading up to him going full time.  The trial days consisted of him going in for a few hours to get acquainted and adjusted with the teachers and classroom.  It might be worth looking into whether you daycare allows this?  Also, maybe try taking her on a play date with several other babies and see how she behaves around them?  Good luck, hope it all works out for you!
  • Thank you for your words of encouragement!  I feel better just reading that.

     We have been going to baby groups since she was 2 months old and she loves being around other babies. I really hope it works out the way yours did.
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  • I've found with us personally, it all depends on how well the person who is holding or of who we are leaving her with can engage her and keep her busy. They should be experts at this at the daycare, plus there will be all the other babies around. If someone tried to comfort her when she wants me, then she gets even more upset, but if they get out her favorite book or favorite toys then she forgets all about me. 
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