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OMG= oh my gas! LOL

I am so lucky that I work from home otherwise I would be the office pariah. How is my body producing so much gas? Good grief! 

I don't pass gas in front of my husband (or friends/family for that matter, sorry I just can't it is a total mental thing!) but it has gotten to the point where I'm about to let it all out!  :D  Luckily he doesn't get home until later in the evenings but even still, with mounting pressure one of these times it is just going to blow! 

How are you dealing with the gurgles, pops, and whistles coming from your tummy? Especially those who have to go into the office?


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Re: OMG= oh my gas! LOL

  • At home, DH and I don't really mind each other's gaseous-ness, but out in public I do my very best to hold it in. However, I'm super nervous about starting school in August. I don't know that I'll be able to hold it in that long!! :o :s
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  • DH and I let it all out in front of each other, so it doesn't matter to us. The office thing hasn't become an issue yet, knock on wood, and all my gas seems to show up at night. So what I've taken to doing is whenever I get really bad pains that I can't assuage myself while sitting or standing, I lay "face down-a** up" like I'd do while doggystyle, and that immediately gets all the gas moving out. 
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  • LOL @PaukMeKiande I do that exact same thing, it helps so much! 
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  • I am just letting it go at home. At work, I go to the bathroom every now and then to get relief. Ours is a single user at a time bathroom though, which helps. Lol
  • @LCartee2016 when I was pregnant with my first I used to go by my desk and open and close drawers acting like I was looking for something to relieve gas! Only one kid caught on and he laughed at me but didn't say a word! I put $1.50 on his lunch account; enough for a slush and chips!  B)
  • @BrennansMom2012 I think I might be able to bribe a few of my classmates. 
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  • LecoolLecool
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    I've been able to feel it coming and have chosen those moments to use the restroom (it's a single person one with a fan) to be able to let it out without embarrassing myself and torturing my co-workers in our office. At home, I just let it happen and apologize to my H when it's bad.

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  • I just let it go. I've been more burpy than farty with lots of belly gurgles. I'm fortunate that I have my own office at work and am the only one on my side of the building, otherwise it might become very awkward. 
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  • At home we just let it all out in front of each other no problem. At work it's not so bad yet, but if I need to I'll go into the restroom and relieve it there. Often once I get in the car to leave work a lot comes out ;) I think a part of it is mental, it's like my body knows it can come out and it relaxes haha.
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    He farts CONSTANTLY, no shame (like seriously, WHERE DOES ALL THAT AIR COME FROM??), so I don't care one bit about farting in front of him  :D

    At work I use the bathroom. In public elsewhere I crop dust the world (sorry society!!) 
  • @TinaBelcher it must be the same for husbands around the world - for the love of all that is good, how do men have so much gas in their system?? I actually have a little bit of empathy for my DH now because it would be horrible to have this much gas for my entire life. LOL :D


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  • Home is open game, my 3 yo son thinks its hilarious. lol 

    Work, I can "pass" (badda bing! Get it? Pass? HAHAHA, okay, i'm done) it off in my office and just make office noises or close the door. 
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