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Heat rash

I think my lo has heat rash all over her. She hasn't been feeling good because of her teeth but other then that she is acting fine. I keep the house cool and even though we are living in az where it's 110 outside, I try my best to avoid it with her. How do you get rid of the rash? Is it a sign of something else? 

Re: Heat rash

  • I find Honest Co. Healing Balm works wonders on any rash my lo has. I use it on myself for any skin irritation as well. Works great for bug bites. Is it chaffing from sweat? Maybe put powder on those areas. I use Burts Bees baby powder as it is talc free. Or you could just use plain corn starch.
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  • I will look for the Burts bees stuff. I tried doing powder but it is all over now, I would have to roll her in it
  • Do you have hand foot & mouth disease out there by chance? We thought DS was just teething and had a rash from that. He had a fever over the weekend but that also comes with teething. The doc said he had 5 teething coming in at once so I just assumed it was from that. Well come to find out, someone brought HF&M disease to the sitters house and EVERYONE got it. He doesn't have any sores or blisters but ended up with a rash like yours on his legs and back. He had no appetite all weekend and was grumpy as hell. Had no clue til after the fact that he had been exposed. Im in Indiana and there has been a huge outbreak of it. Just a thought, but I hope it's just heat rash!
  • My kiddo had a bad rash a few months ago, Aquaphor and hydrocortisone cleared it up quickly.
  • tvistetviste member
    Looks like heat rash to me. I find a cool bath with a little bit of baking soda or corn starch helps get rid of my daughter's heat rash. 
    My daughter runs warm so we are always battling heat rash. I would be careful when using creams because heat rash occurs when sweat glands are block off or not mature enough to work properly. 
  • For heat rash, avoid cream. I just bathe in lukewarm water with mild soap, it goes away on its own pretty quickly. 
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  • My LO just got the same rash a few days ago. Thanks for this post. Im going to try the suggestions tonight and hopefully it helps. I thought it was detergent or diapers then thought heat rash. I know for sure its now a heat rash. 
  • I read you don't want to put anything on heat rash because it's pretty much where the sweat can't come out, something to that extent. 

    It should go away on its own. 

  • My daughter has something that looks the same but it's on her face too.... I'm praying it's just heat rash. It would be pretty ironic since yesterday was one of the cooler days we've had in awhile. 
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