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Anxiety meds and breastfeeding?

Anyone else taking something for their anxiety? I have been just dealing with it since i found out i was pregnant December of 2014. I'm getting to the point where I can't just manage and ignore it. It is causing physical pain and emotional stress in my marriage and my relationship with my baby. I'm still nervous to take something for it. I get anxiety thinking about taking my anxiety medicine. Lol. I feel like I'm losing it lately. Really, really just generally feel like i don't have my shit together. I see other moms who seem so cool headed. I can't keep going like this but i wanted to BF until 15 mo (November was my quit month).  I feel like a bad mom if I stop BF for my benefit and I feel like a bad mom if I keep BF on meds and I also feel like a bad mom being so anxiety ridden. Anyone else relate?

Re: Anxiety meds and breastfeeding?

  • "I feel like a bad mom if I stop BF for my benefit"

    Do NOT feel this way, please! This is how I felt when I chose to start taking anxiety medication. My doctor explained in the nicest way that as long as your baby is thriving and eating, it does not matter if it's formula or breastmilk. I couldn't properly fake care of my son without helping myself first. That's the way you need to look at it. You're not being a bad mom, you're being an amazing mother by benefiting yourself because by doing that, you're going to have an easier time parenting and everything else in your life will be easier without your anxiety. Don't be so hard on yourself, you've made it SO far
  • It's just nursing is genuinely one of my favorite parts of being a mom. Idk, it is hard to explain. I just can't picture myself not doing it. I get emotional thinking about it.
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  • There are several SSRI medications that are labeled safe for bf and pregnancy. Plus you can always do a lower dose while you bf. I have continued to take 40mg prozac this whole time, as I can't function without it. A psychiatrist can help you find the right one for you. Hang in there!
  • I have been on Effexor 150mg for both my pregnancies and breastfed my first (14 months) and still going strong with lo!
  • Doc gave me Zoloft and Klonopin .5 to take before bed. Idk. I just might wait it out another 2 months and see what happens. The anxiety of thinking I could be hurting her with meds is worse than my typical anxiety. 
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    I  have OCD and take paroxetine while bfing- it's safe. Talk to a doctor about what's safe and what you need :-)
  • I just feel like docs are so vague about it. My primary care doc, who is usually a wonderful doctor pretty much told me just to talk to our pedi. I love, love our pediatrician. However, he pretty much just said if the benefit is greater than risk, go ahead and take it. He said there is not much we know about it to give a definitive answer. I asked the pharmacist and she was a real bitch about it. She told me not to take any of it and made me sign something that she advised against it. I got the scrips filled, but they're just sitting in the medicine cabinet... 
  • I can't believe you had to deal with that pharmacist, I'd find a new pharmacy. Obviously she never read the study released by the NIH that declared Zoloft safe for bfing. Please don't feel guilty about needing meds. We need to be our best self to be the best moms.
  • Have you thought of other methods to coping with the anxiety? 
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