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she's here and still no name

Baby girl arrived Monday. She's been in NICU since then and we have had limited time with her so it has been even harder to name her. 
Names we've tossed around that I've posted about are Gwen/Gwyneth, Claire, Kate, Camille and Irene. She's definitely not a Gwen/Gwyneth to me. Irene would only be a MN if used at all. I also like Lucille for MN spot. My husband's only suggestion has been Daphne but don't love it and doesn't fit with our other kids' names (Audrey, Regan, Tess and Ian).

She's our 5th and last.....

What does she look like to you?? 
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Re: she's here and still no name

  • Married my best friend on 5/14/05
    Three Girls: Bits 2/08  Biscuit 10/09 & Sweet Chuck 2/12
    One Favorite son: Suishy Smalls 6/14
    And another Princess coming 7/16
  • Katherine Irene nn Kate would be lovely. Looking at her picture Katherine popped into my head first. Good luck naming this sweet little one!
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  • I like Claire or Kate. Congrats. She's a cutie :)
  • Claire or Katherine (nn Kate) with MN Irene. Congrats and good luck!

  • I think Daphne fits fine with your kids names.

    Daphne Irene and Camille Irene are my votes.

    I hope she's able to leave the NICU soon.
  • Congratulations! I like Claire best with your sibset, Kate second. Hope you get to bring her home soon!
  • She looks like a Kate to me! What about Anna Kate as a double first name? 
  • With the sibset, I think Claire or Kate would be best. The other names are pretty, but nms. Congrats, she's adorable! :smile:
  • She's beautiful! I like Katherine (Kate) Lucille.

  • she looks like a claire kathleen to me(she is gorgeous)

  • Margaret Irene, NN of Maggie or Molly

    Also love Katherine Irene, NN Kate
  • She looks like a Kate to me!

    Katherine Claire or Katherine Irene would be my vote.

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  • Claire Irene or Kate Lucille. Congrats! 
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  • momma2charmomma2char
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    Kate Lucille! Tess, Audrey and Kate sound so great together too 
  • Of the ones you mentioned, I like Kate or Gwen best.

    I can also picture her as

    Julianne or Julie
    Blair or Anna Blair
    Olivia nicknamed Liv
    Camilla nicknamed Mia

  • cjt121413cjt121413
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    Congrats! She's perfect. Claire for sure. 

    MN ideas: Emily, Elizabeth, Irene, Lucille.

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  • Congrats!!! My vote is for Kate or Claire, also like suggestion of Katherine Claire
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  • I think Camille is beautiful
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  • Let us know what you end up choosing! :)

  • Vivi20Vivi20
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    Oooh she's a sweet angel, isn't she?! I definitely think she looks like a Katherine (Kate). So beautiful. Congratulations!
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  • Congrats! I'd choose Camille. It's gorgeous, classic, and underused.
  • I really love Daphne, such a sweet spring flower! 

    I think Claire or Kate, as a NN, go best with your sibset. 
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  • Congrats! Kate Lucille or Daphne Irene. All your names seem sweet & fitting tho! Can't go wrong! 
  • Claire
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  • Aww, so sweet.  I think she looks like a Kate or Camille.  Very classy and pretty names.
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  • I like Claire!
  • Beautiful!! 

    Katherine Lucille nn Kate gets my vote. 

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  • Claire or Kate
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