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Anybody Else Still Not Crawling??

Baby girl is just not interested it seems lol! She will get on her hands and knees and rock but that is about it. She scoots to where she wants to go so it almost seems like it's pointless to her. Mama's just getting a little tired of the same old... "She's still not crawling?"...comments  :s

Re: Anybody Else Still Not Crawling??

  • No crawling here either. She's doing some pulling up, pushes herself into sitting from laying on her stomach, sometimes gets onto her knees and goes from sitting to laying down. I feel like any day now she's just going to take off and go. She thinks it's hilarious to watch me crawl though
  • Yeah I hear you. My daughter is definitely behind on her physical milestones.

    She wasn't even at all mobile until this past week (she was born August 18 so over 10 months). Now she gets around (slowwly) by using her leg (on her toes) to kind of push herself and uses her arms to pull her body forward. A sort of one legged crawl but not on hands my knees. Rocks on them but gets her nowhere. 

    No pulling up on furniture or cruising or anything. 

    I talked to her pediatrician and she's not at all concerned. She said she only worries when a baby is just generally behind. But she's waving, clapping, babbling up a storm and has said her first word (CAT --actually associating it with the cat lol). She sat on time. Her pincer grab is developed nicely and she feeds herself so nicely (everyone always comments on how well she eats).

    Moral of the story: not crawling and not worried. As long as baby is healthy and meeting MOST milestones then they'll likely be fine and people need to just mind their own business. I get so tired of people asking what she's doing or not doing. As if the worth of a child is based on how quickly they meet their milestones. It pushes my buttons. 

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  • My baby girl is also not crawling and sounds very similar to the above post. She doesn't cruise furniture. She is just trying to pull herself up on most things. I think it's close because she gets up in a her knees. Who knows. As long as her doctor is not concerned, I'm going to do my best not to worry. 

    You're not alone!
  • Some babies don't crawl. My nephew rolled everywhere. Is LO maybe a little advanced ina nother skill? Sometimes babies advance themselves in what interests them most. Like communication vs being mobile. I would not worry at all. And once they start crawling, life gets a lot harder. Im constantly chasing after baby girl now. She is a nut.
  • Yeah I get annoyed with the "GASP", he's not doing this yet?!?!" Talk. It gets old and makes you feel like you are doing something wrong. I get it A LOT because my LO has a distant cousin 3 weeks older, who is also the youngest of of course that baby is doing things my younger- only-child isn't doing yet! But nobody can't shut up about it. My LO is wearing 2T for he is very long. Get this, I had one mother who I am actually friends with tell me she could tell I didn't breast feed my LO because "no breast fed baby would be that's all that junk in the formula!!" Let's just say I walked away from that very fast and have kept my distance because what an untrue and horrible thing to say to a mom!!!! She thinks her son is so small and short because he was breast fed. Umm, no honey. That's not how it works. She honeslty is a great person but I think she gets sick of the "why is your baby so small" comments and lashed out. 
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    @LoveLee85 Wow! My jaw would have dropped. Goes to show how damn ignorant people can be. Like why would she think that is okay to say? And also, someone should give her a pamphlet that has actual facts in it to educate her dumb ass.  Even if she felt attacked by others, it's not okay to tear you down to build herself up. Good for you for being understanding of others negativeness! 
  • kkerner87 said:
    @LoveLee85 Wow! My jaw would have dropped. Goes to show how damn ignorant people can be. Like why would she think that is okay to say? And also, someone should give her a pamphlet that has actual facts in it to educate her dumb ass.  Even if she felt attacked by others, it's not okay to tear you down to build herself up. Good for you for being understanding of others negativeness! 
    Oh, I was mad about it for a while, but I'm sure she was having a rough day. It was the first time she's ever said anything rude in our 4 year friendship, so she gets this one pass. It was like a double jab though because I wanted so badly to breast feed but didn't produce anything past week two and had to start supplementing. 
  • Lol my LO is crawling, but barely. When we went in for her 9 month appt, my pedi did the whole, "she's not crawling or pulling herself up yet?!". I felt about thisbig lol. I kid you not, two days later she was crawling and started pulling herself up on things. Don't let it bother you, every kid develops at their own rate!!! Especially if she's doing everything else!
  • Her pediatrician isn't worried about it but she does ask everytime we're in there and the answer is always no but she's trying at least. She is very smart tho...she says several words...just recently learned the dog's name and she's so proud of herself too lol. Everytime the dog comes into the room she screams out "Nova!" And claps her hands lol  :D And she eats SO good. She is not a picky eater at all. Thanks for all the feedback on this...Glad to know I'm not the only one dealing with it. It just seems like everybody else's babies started when they were like 7 months old. All I've heard from my MIL and SIL for the last 3 month is, "My babies all crawled by the time they were 7 months old." And even that my husband's niece was reading books by the time she was 2. Well congratulations to you, why does my kid have to do the same?  :D
  • We're army crawling but not up on our knees yet. But honestly, he just wants to walk. He pulls himself up on everything and once you have his hands he's trying to take off, so I'm not too worried. He just isn't that interested in being on the floor anymore. Maybe he'll get it one of these days but I'm not too worried. 

    @LoveLee85 that is so ridiculous, ugh. I have a friend who's baby is 2 weeks older than mine and they have both been 100% EBF (her daughter doesn't even eat any real solids yet either) and she's 26lbs and my son is 15lbs. There are so many other factors, like genetics for one (her husband's family is all huge, my family is all very small). She also makes very fatty milk and I do not, she has an oversupply and I do not, and my son is more active for sure. I hope you gave your friend a big old eye roll so she knew she was being ridiculous! 
  • My friends little girl that I babysit was almost a year when she just started walking, completely skipped crawling, I wouldn't worry too much as long as your pediatrician is happy
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    Ok so after my little "rant" the other day, what does DD decide to do? Crawl of course! Lol  :p She's still getting the hang of it but she is loving her new-found freedom!  There is hope after all mommies!  ;)
  • STILL not crawling here, and she's not really into rolling or tummy time. She can scoot backwards but that's about it. Her pedi isn't worried but it's hard not comparing her to other babies, especially younger ones that are already crawling! For the ones who started crawling, any tips? Or did it just finally happen one day?
  • I read that lots of babies who don't crawl are super smart and then walk sooner. 
  • @AndieTessie She did the scooting backwards thing too for a long time and then like I said, the other day she just took off out of no where lol. It completely took me by surprise too bc I was starting to feel like she was never going to do it. And now since she's started this, she also wants you to hold her hands so she can take steps too so she's not looking back now lol 
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