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I'm usually a pretty open person, I share my life with others, but dealing with these losses I've been silent. I've had 3 mcs now, as well as a scar tissue/ fibroid removal surgery just yesterday, and I kind of want to start sharing what is happening with myself, but kind of don't because of the strong stigma surrounding miscarriage. Did you share what was happening with your life? How was it received? 

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  • I am so sorry for your losses.  I have not shared on social media myself (except for in a fertility FB group that I'm a part of, but that's different in my mind from posting on my own wall about it)--I don't share very much on FB, generally, though, and I have certain family members that I'm connected with that I do not like to share life details with (I know I should deal with this).  But I did want to tell you that when I first started posting in this group, someone did talk about sharing on FB (including what she intended to post), so you might find that thread helpful: https://forums.thebump.com/discussion/12661237/i-want-to-share-my-experience-feedback-appreciated-tw 
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  • @bootsandco I am so sorry for your losses as well. How horrible! I hope you're recovering well from surgery 

    I think you should go with whatever you feel like doing. :) I feel like people are generally really ashamed of a MC, myself included, and that's wrong. It's not our fault. I am on this board because I didn't know where else to turn (and I'm really glad I'm here). I haven't shared anything on social media, but I can see the pros and cons. I was hesitant to share my recent MC with close family and friends (for a few reasons) but I've been really happy about the decision to share. I wish I would have sooner. I found that everyone I've told so far wished I said something some because it made them upset to think of me dealing with it without their support. I don't know if that helps. Hang in there!
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  • I did share. I did a pregnancy announcement photo and a gender announcement photo. I like sharing those things so that my friends and extended family that do not live close can see what's going on in my life. However, once I lost Hudson, I knew I had to do something so that people knew. 
    I just wrote a brief status explaining it in a nice way ("We prayed for a baby but God gave us an angel") along with some other details like his birth day. At the end of it I put that love and prayers are very appreciated at this time. 
    I was VERY nervous to post it and it was really hard emotionally but I'm SO glad I did. The outpouring of love and support from my friends (even people I haven't talked to in years) has been so amazing and uplifting. 


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    I actually did a picture on snapchat where I had a really sad face and I put "This is how it feels to have a miscarriage." Then right after I did a silly pic with one of those weird filters that said "I'll be ok". Everyone (I only have like 10 people) on my snapchat already knew though. For some reason it helped me
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  • I've had two experiences... a miscarriage at 10 weeks, which I told no one about.  And I lost my daughter at 35 weeks, which I pretty much had to tell since I was so obviously pregnant. 
    I found it much easier to heal after opening up with everyone rather than keeping it to myself.  People do say stupid things sometimes, but I think it's also good to open up for the sake of not only yourself, but of those who might not know who to talk to about their own loss... maybe you'll help open a door for someone else who feels alone.  Just a thought anyway.
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  • I am a firm believer in sharing, but also know it depends on the person. I posted on my FB after discussing with my husband and informing my parents of the news.

    I was devastated and just wanted support, love & encouragement. Since my husband and I live out of town from most of our friends & family, having support via social media has definitely helped this week. I was shocked by how many people commented on my status and shared about THEIR miscarriage experiences... women I had no idea had gone through the same.

    There is a stigma, but it is so common yet ironically so many women suffer alone and they shouldn't. Since I also am a photographer & have a blog, I will probably write a blog once I am ready discussing my grieving process and certain conversations miscarrying women probably don't want to have until they've healed.

    If sharing your story will help you heal, and get you the support & love you need- then go for it. We should never be ashamed to ask for help.
    Sending Love.  <3
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