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Cake or no cake?

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We want to share our pregnancy news with our friends this weekend (already told family). We will be celebrating my graduation, DH's birthday and our pregnancy! We're throwing a big BBQ and my DH wants to have a pink and blue cake to celebrate our baby but I told him that's usually for gender reveals or baby showers and not a simple announcement. But since this is our first, he's really excited and is dead set on having a blue and pink cake! LOL what should I do?

Cake or no cake? 80 votes

Get the pink & blue cake!
85% 68 votes
Get a different cake
13% 11 votes
Suggest a different dessert
1% 1 vote

Re: Cake or no cake?

  • I think that's super sweet he's so excited and wants to have a cake! I say do it!
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  • Get a cake!  If you're really opposed to a pink and blue cake you can always get a more celebratory- or baby-themed cake. 
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  • I voted get the cake!  Let him have his fun!  And give anyone who's negative about it a big old eye roll :wink:

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  • Sounds awesome, do it! There's no reason you can't have a blue/pink cake for just announcing. Also kind of dumb that it could even be a thing, but be mentally prepared to explain that you're not having boy and girl twins :)
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  • @colleenkevin he said that's what he wants as his birthday cake so it shouldn't matter! Hahaha
  • @canavara good point. Maybe I'll make sure it says comin soon or due in Jan '17. 
  • Girl, if that's what you guys want, go for it! I see nothing wrong. People announce/celebrate all kinds of ways.
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  • xinranxinran member
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    Awww it's awesome that hs getting so involved. Cake definitely!
  • Go for it! It's cute that he's so excited. :smile:
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  • Yeah. The answer is always cake. 
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    100% agree with PPs. Always choose cake. 

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  • We did blue and pink cupcakes for our first pregnancy reveal.  
  • This post makes me want cake
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