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Zika worries

So guys I am suppose to start Clomid tomorrow and I have an HSG planned for in about a week. However, I just read that there are cases of Zika in the places I will be traveling to at the end of July and first part of August and I am flipping out a bit. I am going to talk to my doctor, but I wanted to see thoughts of others ttc. I want to start the clomid, but if I did conceive I wouldn't know until I am out of the country. I am going to be in Puerto Rico and Barbados, only in the airports, but will be staying in Dominica ( not the Dominican republic)  for two weeks.

Re: Zika worries

  • when I was PG my Dr. highly, highly advised me to cancel my trip to Mexico, even though where we were staying had no Zika cases reported. He was adamant about it. His theory was why risk something so potentially dangerous. This was also back in Feb when news on Zika was still coming out. Not trying to scare you but see what your dr's views are. It seems like if you travel to a Zika zone the general rule is 8 weeks (with no symptoms) That is per the CDC which seems like where many Dr's get their info from.

  • Whoops I was suppose to put this on TTCAL! However, thank you for responding. I will definitely talk with my doctor and see his thoughts. My husband and mom feel like I am worrying over nothing, but I disagree.
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  • Yea the possible complications are really scary. I was like who cares it's not in the place we're going but researching it more and more I found they can only report what has been told to them and if someone doesn't report Zika then obviously the CDC can't update records. It sucks (I'm still in the 8 week waiting period) but I'd rather wait then possible increase my chances of having a child with issues.
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