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When was your first appt/bloodwork?

Due to military relocation from Fort Bragg, NC to Fort Rucker, AL I'm having issues getting OB care and appointments set up.

Here is my timeline so far:
June 2nd - Confirmed Pregnancy with Primary Care (could not schedule with an OB until test results were in system on June 7)
June 7th - Called for OB, told I must do military intake which consists of health history and blood work with nurse before an OB could be scheduled. Was told I'd probably have to wait until 12 weeks for actual OB appointment. Rucker does not have on post OB so was told they were unsure if the paperwork would transfer to a civilian. I did not schedule the appointment and called Tricare Insurance instead hoping to just set up something at Rucker and travel down to move some items and get seen. Tricare will not give me a referral yet because I am in North region right now and they won't allow me to switch to South region until my husband's report date on the 10th of July. I must be seen by their clinic first then get an OB referral.
June 8th - Elective U/S for dating (I did not want to wait for OB appt for dating.) Seen baby and hear HR (117 bpm, which the tech said was normal at 6 weeks/6 days.)

A little background: I'm a needle phobic. Severely. I have fainted from everything involving needles, including finger pricks and TB tests since kindergarten shots. I do not want to go to a random lab and risk passing out while pregnant due to the unsympathetic response/no interventions I generally get from techs. I was hoping to see an OB who might have suggestions to prevent fainting before doing initial blood work.

I am starting to get nervous since I have not had any contact with an OB. I am 9 weeks, 5 days today. So, how unusual is it that I have still not been seen? When did everyone here have their first blood work and/or actual OB appointment?
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Re: When was your first appt/bloodwork?

  • canavaracanavara
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    Sounds pretty normal.

    I'm 13 weeks today and I've not met my OB yet. I went in for 2 beta draws to confirm pregnancy in late April and then had my very first prenatal appointment with an NP at 10w1d, which is when I had some initial bloodwork done. They drew twice--once for a normal comp blood panel with some STD testing (standard procedure in their office) and then another for cystic fibrosis testing.

    I don't see the OB until 14w3d. I'm also a fainter when I get blood drawn. I know a lot of people are not very sympathetic to it so I've just learned to take charge of the situation. I ask to be laying down for the draw, I bring someone with me to distract me, and I also usually bring a Gatorade or something with sugar in it in case fainting does actually happen.

    It wasn't clear from your post, but do you already have your next appointment scheduled? I wouldn't say it's unusual to not have met the OB by 9w5d but you might want to get the next appointment scheduled if you haven't.

    ETA: Also we have a weekly thread for appointments -- more people might see if you post in that thread: http://forums.thebump.com/discussion/12681527/6-26-7-2-week-of-appts-ultrasounds-blood-work-etc#latest
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  • You don't need to wait until your husband's report date to switch regions, but you won't be able to get care in your current region if you switch regions now. So if you call Tricare South and switch your region, you should be able to start the process with them. The caveat is that you cannot receive care in your current region if you need it before you PCS. But it sounds like you're moving very soon and may even go before your husband? 

    Each MTF has different policies and procedures on OB care. Many do initial intake with just a NP early in the first tri (order initial blood work/urine, history, go over guidelines, etc), but do not see you until later in the first tri. Certain MTFs do dating ultrasounds around 7-8 weeks and then initial OB appt at around 10-12. I've never heard of a true first OB appt any sooner than 10 weeks at an MTF, though.

    It's sort of a gamble, but I think I'd switch regions at this point so you can schedule with Rucker's clinic, get the referral, and then schedule with an in-network provider down there. What clinic are they making you be seen at before you get the referral? Just your regular PCM? 
  • Vivi20Vivi20
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    Yours sounds like a frustrating situation to be in. I was 6 weeks and 6 days when I had my first intake with the nurse. She did all the questions, gave all the information, and I also had all my blood work done that day. My first actual appointment with my doctor was at 9 weeks, and that's also when he did the ultrasound. The latest I've ever heard of a doctor waiting to see you for the first time is 8-9 weeks. 12 weeks seems pretty far along to wait.
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  • I had early appointments with ultrasounds because of recurrent losses but I just had my standard blood work drawn at 12w
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    @canavara that makes me feel a little better. I also usually bring a friend and ask to lie down, but its been years since a blood draw, I'm terrified. Can't schedule anything until July 10, which will be a pcm appt who will then refer me to an off post OB.

    @LoneStar21416 Tricare doesn't want to switch me for the same reason you mentioned (in case I need care) and Dh was told they won't do it until he reports and does Deers paperwork. So I'd wait to schedule until July 10 with whoever I get as a PCM at Lyster Army Clinic then get an OB referral from them for off post :(

    @jlea05 are you military? Seems my civilian friends get seen way earlier than army friends.

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  • Sounds good. I don't think that's accurate about DEERS though. You can receive care based on where you are physically located. Doesn't have anything to do with where your husband is stationed. 
  • I have no advice about military, which is sounding difficult.
     However, my first appt is next week at 11w. I know several of us are waiting until 12 or so to see someone. It's becoming more common for OBs to wait until 10-12w to see anyone. You're not alone. Some see a NP first visit (at 10-12) and won't see their OB until 16 or 18w. 
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  • xinranxinran
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    I saw a midwife for advice about what to do and not do and put my paperwork in at 8 wks. I have had my bloods done at ten but only saw the nurse. I see a doctor for the first time tomorrow at 13+2. First u/s tomorrow yey.
    If it's something that's making you anxious I would push though.
  • sagoonsagoon
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    I had my initial ultrasound at 9 weeks, and my first OB appointment at 10 weeks, though they didn't draw any blood; they just took a medical history and did a pelvic exam and PAP test.  I am having my first blood draw at about 13 weeks.  The pregnancy is confirmed via pee tests and the ultrasound, so there is no particular reason for them to draw blood at this point.  Can you explain to the phlebotomists that you pass out when you have blood drawn?  They usually have a special chair they will put you in if that's the case.  I am trained to draw blood and I always ask if the patient has any issues with having blood drawn so that I can take the appropriate precautions.

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  • My first appointment and blood work was early at 6 weeks. My office just does things early. I know many places it's common to wait until 12 weeks.

    As far as fainting, I used to be that way too. Going through childbirth kind of got me over that but if I ever thought I might pass out I told them before the draw and they'd have me lay on a table during and for a few minutes after.

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  • Vivi20Vivi20
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    @AriB08 Yes, we're civilian. 
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  • I had an initial ultrasound and blood work done at 10 weeks. I handle needles okay but during my last pregnancy I had to do the 3 hour glucose tolerance test with 4 blood draws and it was really rough. I asked to lay down and have a fan in the room blowing on me so I didn't get flustered and hot and to have ice water to sip between draws. Bring someone with you if you can, that really helps! 
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