Pregnant after a Loss

This is my last pregnancy/moving on?

hey everyone- 
a little background on me (although I've posted here before awhile ago). I have a son who is 3.5 years old- conceived first month, no prenancy complications whatsoever.

fast forward to now. We've been trying for a year to give my son a sibling. Along the way we've lost two pregnancies, both of which were very hard on me and my husband.

with the help of an RE, I am finally pregnant again. I am over the moon and have a really good feeling about this, but part of me is holding back because I know no matter what, this will be my very last pregnancy. If it's successful, I will get my second child. However, if I miscarry again, my husband and I have decided we will not be trying anymore. My husband will likely get a vasectomy so we don't get surprised 10 years down the line.

can anyone else relate to this? I just don't think I can emotionally handle any more losses if this pregnancy doesn't work out...

Re: This is my last pregnancy/moving on?

  • Yes. Yes. Yes. So much yes. I totally get this. I was in your shoes saying the same things 9 months ago. I just had my rainbow last week. But after 3 agonizing losses we had decided this was it. No matter the outcome. That's a hard thing to decide. It's so emotionally and mentally consuming to go through repeated losses. It was making me crazy. Even being pregnant with no signs of a problem made me crazy. I hope this is your rainbow. I just wanted to say that you aren't alone.
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  • I lost two pregnancies last year and am currently 35w3d with my first child at the age of 38. I know losses are heartbreaking, but if you do have another, I would recommend holding off on the vasectomy for a while to give yourself time to be certain. But hopefully things will go well for you this time, as they did for me. I was feeling pretty hopeless due to the two losses and my age, but now I'm going to have a daughter. You never know what the future holds.
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