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Original Ergo vs. Ergo 360

I love my original ergo but am pondering selling and buying a 360. We are heading to Hawaii and am wondering if facing out would be a better feature especially for the plane. I noticed that the original goes up to 45lbs and 360 goes up to 33lbs. Wondering if it would be worth it in the long run? Any opinions?

Re: Original Ergo vs. Ergo 360

  • I'm wondering this too - but it's so expensive! And I don't know how much longer my massive baby will fit in it; or rather, how my back will hold up carrying her! But i desperately want to try it! 
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    My son loves facing out in the 360, but it he can get pretty heavy.  There are a couple of baby boutique type stores in my area that let you try on holders; maybe there is something similar in your area to see if it's too awkward to carry in front for you.  (The price on it at the store was actually the same as Amazon.). We just used in the airport and plane and it worked great for us.  I don't have experience with the regular ergo to help you compare though, sorry.
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  • I don't have an Ergo 360, but my daughter loves to face out in her carrier, but I hardly ever use the carrier because she seems so much heavier in it when I'm carrying her around in the carrier vs just in my arms, but it's fine if I'm just standing and have her in it and she's probably around 21 lbs 

    My friend has a frame backpack that she uses for hiking with her babies and absolutely loves it. She's very tiny, but is able to comfortably carry her 2 yr old who is very stocky for a few hours without any problems. She can also get her son in and out of it and get it on and off her without any problems. 

  • I'm not sure what the original prices on these are but I did just come across this today on slick deals. (Not sure if it is truly a "slick" deal but thought I'd share) 

    Check out this deal:
    ERGObaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier (grey or black)

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