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More clots. WTF?!?

I had a CP and started bleeding on June 13th. I bled heavily with major clotting. It finally leveled off and I had minimal brown spotting the last 3 days.

I started felling really sick yesterday (threw up once and had bad headache). I went to bed at 7:30pm. I woke up around midnight and had cramping. I went to the bathroom and the blood was back after being almost completely gone for 3 days. It was a red/brown mix and the blood was gritty when I wiped.

I used the restroom a few minutes ago and had clots again. I thought this was finally coming to an end but it's clearly not. Has anyone else experienced this? Where the MC bleeding seemed to be over then started back up?

Re: More clots. WTF?!?

  • I had something similar after my natural miscarriage where I thought I was lucky and was only going to bleed for a week bc by 7 days after it was just brown spotting like you said you had. 10 days after my miscarriage it picked back up again with lots of bleeding and some big clots that I passed in the toilet. Luckily after that it was only a few more days of light bleeding then spotting so all in all I bled for about three weeks after before everything stopped. 

    If it keeps coming and going with clots, I'd recommend seeing your doctor. When I went 7 days after, my dr did an ultrasound to check for blood amounts in the uterus and said my amount wasn't abnormal meaning there wasn't any cause for concern with anything left behind. 
  • @szwill86  Thank you so much! That's very helpful!!! It's comforting to hear that it's probably normal. I was starting to worry that something might be wrong. I have a beta test tomorrow so I'm going to mention it to them.

    I'm really sorry for your loss. Thank you for taking the time to comment. :)
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  • I am sorry for your loss, as well. I'm glad I could help answer your question! I know how hard it is to figure out if something's "normal" or not after and knowing someone else had the same symptoms is good for peace of mind. 
  • @szwill86 Yes it is! They confirmed (at my beta appt today) that it's normal. Thanks again!
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