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So my husband and I are ttc while breast feeding but I've never had a ppaf. I was using clear blue ovulation tests and finally got my smiley face saying I was ovulating. Over the last week or so, I've had a lot of symptoms that I had with my first pregnancy. I've had an increase in cm, increase in appetite, extreme thirst, exhaustion, and extreme dizziness to the point of almost fainting. Well now I'm 13 days post ovulation, and just got my second bfn of the week from a clear blue non-digital...I guess my question is, is it possible that I ovulated but breast feeding caused my period to not happen? Can I ovulate and not get a period and not be pregnant? Or will I either definitely be pregnant or definitely get a period? I realize this is a stupid question, so I'm sorry. I just really could use the help. I'm really hoping, despite the two bfn, I'm still pregnant. 

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    Ovulation results in either a period or pregnancy. If you are pregnant enough to have symptoms, you are pregnant enough to turn a test positive. Just because an ovulation predictor test gave a positive doesn't mean that you actually ovulated. You can have multiple LH surges in a cycle without ovulating. The only way to confirm ovulation is by temping and charting. You may have ovulated later than you think or not at all. I would keep testing every few days or weekly until you get a positive or your period. Dollar store tests will be cheaper.

    Check out the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, it is very helpful in this area! Good luck in your journey!
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  • You actually can ovulate and still not have a period.  In fact, that is why some women (accidentally) end up pregnant while BFing.  They assume that because they aren't having periods that they aren't ovulating which isn't necessarily true.  

    From what I understand ovulation sticks are predictors in that they can't tell you when you are actually ovulating, only that your body is getting ready to do so. 
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  • I would wait a week and test again especially if you are having suspicious symptoms, but it may also be your period getting ready to come back and it takes a while for those to normalize so you might be experiencing that. My first few cycles were all over the place. One month I was super crabby for a few days before and the next month, nothing. Same thing with symptoms. 
  • I took 4 tests with DD2, all bfns.  Finally at 8 weeks my dr would see me and drew blood to gind out I was pregnant.  With DD3, I hadn't gotten my period for more than a year and I still got pregnant. Good luck!
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  • Thanks for the replies! Trying to stay positive over here! Just got my third bfn this week...I'm 14dpo and this waiting game is so frustrating! I feel like i have to get a positive or my period very soon since I ovulated so long ago! Ugh
  • 14 days post ovulation really isn't that long ago unless you have  very short cycles. But if you have an average 28 day cycle you would have ovulated around day 14 and then around 14 days later, you would get your period. So technically your period might not be late yet and you may be testing too early since the accuracy on the tests doesn't get to 99 percent until the day of your missed period. 

    And maybe your period isn't coming back yet and the ovulation kit lied. I could never get those things to work properly for me and my ob/gun said that they don't really work for a lot of women. 
  • I can't even estimate the average length of my cycle anymore since it's started up.  I used to be like clockwork, and now it's not. 
  • I'm super frustrated. I was so sure I was pregnant. Last week I had a lot of the same symptoms that I had when pregnant with DS. Some symptoms have since settled down, although some are still there. Anyways, I've had 4 BFN in the last week and a half, including today. Got a BFN at 17dpo. I'm so confused. My clearblue digital gave me a positive result, so I know I most likely have ovulated then. Where's my period?! Why is it not coming?! Ughhhh
  • My period has been weird every since it came back, it seems to come every other month now. 
  • I had a pregnancy scare (not really scare but idk what else you'd call it) last month. My period has been very regularly since it came back at 6 weeks pp. For whatever reason it was a week late last month. No clue why. I hate to say it but it's entirely possible you're having symptoms because you think you're pregnant? I've seen it happen. Not to downplay your experience, but if you aren't pregnant that's all I could think.
  • I had that happen to me a couple times when I really thought I was pregnant. I even got a little naseaous and had sore boobs and my period which was always like clockwork would be a couple days late. I really don't miss that trying and waiting and am I pregnant part. 
  • Around the time I had hit 19dpo, I got a second positive opk. So it looks like I had an lh surge with failure to release an egg. I just hope I was able to release an egg with this second lh surge...Is it possible that I can get more than two lh surges without releasing one? Like three or more? I hope this one was for real. I don't temp because I'm constantly up with ds through out the night so bbt wouldn't really be too accurate. 
  • I got pregnant with DS2 without ever getting my period back. And if you keep having symptoms I would keep testing. I have a weird cycle and it takes me forever to get a positive pregnancy test.
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    Yes, you can have multiple LH surges in one cycle. Just because you had a positive opk doesn't mean that you ovulated. Temping is the only way to confirm ovulation. If temping isn't practical right now, just keep doing what you are doing and try to be patient. Here's hoping this surge results in ovulation!
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