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Are three names too many?

Just out of curiosity, do you think three names are too many? Is it best to stick to just two or do you think it matters? 

Re: Are three names too many?

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    I personally like two middle names! My daughter has two. I think the key is that each name should be short. All three of hers are two syllables and they go well together. Second middle name is a family name. 
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    It depends on the name. Some flow alright,  others don't. 

    In general I err on the side of it being more hassle then it's worth.
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  • I like one middle name only so that she has an option to make her maiden name a middle name later when she gets married.

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  • I think it can get to be a mouthful, but whether it's too many or too much depends on WHY you're choosing three IMHO. If you have 3 family members (or friends) you want to honor and don't know if you will have another chance to do it, go for it! If you think 3 names are just so cute that you can't narrow it down to 2... that may not be a great reason. 
  • I now have 2 middles (middle and maiden) and it can be a pain for a few things where they just want a middle initial, or if you want to get something monogrammed there's not as many options for 4 letters.
  • Those are good points - especially coming from someone with first hand experience. Who would have thought about monogramming??? 
  • I really don't care for it unless there is a good reason like a strong urge to honor multiple people and/or it's your last child. To me, it just seems like the parents couldn't make a decision so used all of them. Also, middle names are rarely useful in the first place, so to have two just seems like too much. I wouldn't side eye though.

  • I like two middle names, especially if the 2nd is honoring family. I know as a kid I was super jealous of people who had two middle names. Not a very practical opinion maybe, but if you like it do it. 
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  • All very good points, ladies. Thank you for your feedback. 
  • I have 2 middle names (the second is my moms maiden name).  I can't imagine it any other way but it is a hassle.  I won't be giving my child 2 middle names.
  • Vivi20Vivi20
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    I don't think three is too many. My daughter has two middle names.
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  • I would not give a child two middle names unless there's a compelling reason to do so.  The future hassle for your child of handling a double middle name on legal documents has to be considered.  I know a person who has a first, 2 middles and a hyphenated last name.  She goes by one of the middle names.  Her mom thought this was cute and fun, but it was a logistical nightmare for her as an adult professional.  When she got married, she could not wait to change to her husband's last name and drop the extra middle name. 
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  • Really great points brought up by everyone, both in favour of, and against two middle names. Thanks for your feedback, ladies! I really appreciate it. :smile:
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