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2 share or not 2 share...questions for second time moms!

hey! So I'm due in November with baby #2 and found out we are having another girl! My questions is we have the option for them to have their own rooms but I also like the idea of them sharing, I shared with my sister growing up and loved it!  Baby #2 will be with us for the first 4 months. My hubby is concerned they will wake each other up. I wanted to hear your thoughts...thank you!! 

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    I would love my boys to share when they are older.  Not so much right now.  DS2 still wakes once a night and I can't imagine having to soothe them both.  Also, my 2 year old wakes every few nights and God Forbid he woke the baby lol.  

    Toddlers tend to have different nap schedules, different (louder) bedtime routines, plus I kind of love when my older son wakes up in the morning and we have a little quiet time to ourselves before DS2 wakes up.  I don't think that would happen as often if they shared a room.  

    Another thing to think about.  While we didn't need to sleep train DS1 (not really, gentle methods worked fine) we did need to use Ferber with DS2.  It can be tough logistics to sleep train baby when LO shares a room with big brother or sister.  Frequently, the solution is that the older sibling shares with mom and dad for a few nights which can be a bit confusing.  

    In the end I think its doable but probably not ideal (at least in my situation) until they are more like 2 and 4. 
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