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2nd ob appt nervous

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Hi Everyone, DH here,

tomorrow is our 2nd ob appt, 1st one went very well and saw a strong heartbeat, upcoming is the 2nd and i know i'm getting VERY nervous.. i don't even know what to think... what makes my nerves worse is that tomorrow night i'm leaving for a business trip until and returning sunday... We get the results from the Blood tests and do a 2nd ultrasound tomorrow.  Approximately 10-11 weeks now.
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Re: 2nd ob appt nervous

  • I am not pregnant but lurk on this board a lot. I wanted to let you know to try and relax and enjoy the time you have. When you look back after having your child you will probably regret worrying so much. That is what I am going to try to remember when I am PGAL. I wish you and your wife the best and hope everything is well. I have often seen this on these boards and maybe now it will help you....This is a different pregnancy and will have a different outcome. Good luck keep us updated 
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