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Anyone else not feel pregnant yet?

I'm 7 weeks and I don't feel pregnant. No morning sickness, no nausea, no reAL food aversions. Aside from being tired all the time it feels so unreal. And no ultrasound until 11/12 weeks. Ugh!

Re: Anyone else not feel pregnant yet?

  • Nope. But, then again, I didn't last time either until at least 20 weeks or so and could feel the baby move. I had no real cliche symptoms.

    Plus, I'm like 20 seconds pregnant, so.
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  • sm05-2sm05-2 member
    I'm 7 weeks 1 day, and even though my symptoms like nausea and fatigue have been worsening, it hasn't really hit me yet that I'm pregnant, either. This is my first pregnancy, and maybe it will feel more real when I have my first ultrasound, hopefully next week.
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  • No real symptoms that can't be explained away from other things or are just really mild. Not that I want to be hugging a toilet so I probably should just consider myself lucky but I feel like if I had at least 1 cliche symptom I might feel more pregnant.

    My first appointment isn't until next Friday and that's when I'll schedule my first ultrasound so I don't know when I'm going to get to see this little apple seed! I'm not sure I'll fully "believe" it until I do.

    In my head I keep going from wanting to shout to everyone "I'm PREGNANT" to being afraid I'm going to go to the doctor and they'll tell me all my positive tests were wrong and it's all in my head or something...
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  • I'm 7 weeks and don't feel pregnant at all yet. I might have some slight symptoms that may be from being pregnant, or just from whatever is going on on a specific day. I have my first appointment and ultrasound today and I'm so anxious about being told that there's been a mistake, or that things aren't working out, or that somehow this isn't real. I guess not having any symptoms just makes everything feel a bit unreal, and since we haven't told anybody yet, it feels like I'm in limbo right now! Good luck everybody and hang in there!
  • is it bad I sometimes forget I am pregnant? I will just occasionally think "oh yeah...a baby is going to arrive in February"

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  • This is me and it was the same my first pregnancy. I actually scheduled an elective ultrasound at 11 weeks my first pregnancy because I was convinced something was wrong. 

    Be grateful for the lack of symptoms!
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  • I don't think it has hit me that I'm pregnant yet. I'm just super tired, and a random spurt of queasiness, other than that, nothing is different. Like others, it might sink in some more at my appointment next week. 
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  • I was going to ask the same thing. The closest I get to feeling nauseous is the feeling of so hungry you feel sick or you ate way too much you feel sick. I get ligament pain at night if I move wrong, that's how I knew I was pregnant.

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  • I do not feel pregnant at all and it's worrying me. I'm tired a lot but other than that I feel nothing. My appointment isn't until next week and I have no clue when I'm going to have an ultrasound. 

    I obviously am happy I am not throwing up but at the same time some peace of mind would be nice. I don't remember feeling so anxious with any other baby. Maybe because we really planned this one idk.
  • This is my second and I don't feel pregnant.  This happened last time too.  This time I'm just more bloated then normal and my boobs are a bit sore but that's about it.  But I'm ok with this over the alternative to feeling like crap and morning sickness.
  • This is my first pregnancy and I'm only 5 weeks so I definitely don't feel pregnant yet.  I don't think it's really hit me and I tend to forget (I was close to trying a drink that a friend had at dinner the other night).  I don't think I've really had any symptoms yet...there have been a few things like some waves of nausea but I start wondering if they are just in my head right now.  

    My first appointment isn't until July 20th so I think it'll become a little more real then.
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  • All of this. I don't want to be sick, but it's so hard when you don't really feel anything. 

    Although, I really didn't have symptoms with DD other than nausea if I let myself get too hungry.  validation appointment on thursday with the RE seems so far away

  • I am so glad you posted this.. other than being a little grumpy here and there I have NO symptoms.. I am afraid I am going to go in for my first apt and be told its a missed miscarriage or something! I am only 5 weeks tomorrow, but my last pregnancy I actually felt pregnant!
  • I'm 8 weeks and 1 day today. First ultrasound tomorrow, eek! At 6 weeks I felt the queasiness. By the 7th, I was gagging at just about everything. By the 8th week, I've already vomited 5 times, have all day sickness, and loads of saliva. Trust me, you'll get there! Appreciate the lack of symptoms now... 
  • I completely forget that I am pregnant because I am so busy with my 10 month old.  Don't feel it at all!
  • L JaneL Jane member
    I don't feel pregnant either. Although it's nerve racking, I keep telling myself I felt this exact way during my previous pregnancies. I don't think I started feeling the nausea until closer to 7-8 weeks. It also sinks in for me once I see a heart beat. 

    That being said, I fell asleep last night BEFORE 8 pm while it was still LIGHT out. That is not normal. ;)
  • I dont feel preggo either. Im glad others feel this way....I just cry alot. about everything....and scared about 1st ultrasound june 29....b/c of my hx
  • ckis-2ckis-2 member
    This is so me! I'm only 4W, 4D...and right this moment, don't feel pregnant at all (and of course, I'm really worried because of a previous loss). No sore boobs, no nausea. I have been pretty tired, but not every day. Only weird things are some intermittent pulling feelings in my belly and ache-y hips/sockets along where round ligament pain should be...but that's not supposed to come til later. 
  • I'm 5w2d counting from my last period and I've got nothing. Which is really odd because before I tested(like 3 days before my expected period) and even a few days after I was nauseous as hell, and that would have only been at like 3 weeks or something. I've felt tired recently, but I don't have any really cliched signs. I had an aversion to sweets for a bit, but that's since passed as well; I don't think it'll really sink in I'm pregnant until my first ultrasound.

  • Glad to see a lot of other ladies in this boat too. I'm sure come a few weeks later we'll all be gagging at the mere though of our symptoms. Guess it's time to enjoy not having constant nausea etc while we can! 

  • Still with you all at 8 weeks. Looking forward to our ultrasound tomorrow to put my mind at ease. 
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  • uwaluwal member
    Same here. this is my second pregnancy and my first was the same I didn't get symptoms till week 9 and then they only lasted till week 12 and I had to wait till baby started moving for it to then properly kick in. It's strange because it gets you worried and makes you want to do a pregnancy test everyday to  make sure you are still pregnant. I did three tests in a row when I found out I was pregnant. :-D
  • MalyJMalyJ member
    Aside from my boobs being so sore they feel like they're bruised, I've got nothing either. As nervous as it sometimes makes me, I'm thankful I can still function pretty normally for now.

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  • This time around the nausea has been mostly none existent for me. I've barely felt anything for
    more then an hour a day. usually it would be the need for a nap but that's it.

    im currently 8 weeks and some change and since last night my boobs have been KILLING me. Tylenol ain't cutting it :/ while being super uncomfortable, I am relieved that I have a rather obvious symptom. 
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  • I don't feel pregnant at all other than sore boobs, exhaustion and a whole lot of crankiness. During my last pregnancy though, I was throwing up tons and it ended in a mmc at 12 weeks (even though baby stopped developing at 6) so I don't mind the easier symptoms!

  • I don't either! Just sleepy! I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks and there was a tiny little heart beat but I still feel like I'm not pregnant 
  • This is my first pregnancy and since no one knows yet (besides DH) I find myself questioning if I'm actually pregnant! Hoping it will feel more real after my first appointment in 3 weeks. I can say though that I have never been more tired in my entire life. But besides that, I don't really have any symptoms
  • Just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant Friday, and I feel as if I'm not pregnant either. I took a test on a whim because I was a week late. With my son, I had horrible morning sickness and cramping but wouldn't start at 2 weeks! The most I feel now is sore boobs and sooo very tired. As crazy as it sounds, it's as if I want to be sick to know that I'm still pregnant :/ 

  • I had 0 symptom my whole first pregnancy and nothing so far this time.  A tiny bit of cramping here and there but thats it.
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  • I wasn't feeling pregnant until I just threw up repeatedly right when I woke up. I'm 6.5 weeks. Now I wish I had just been thankful for the lack of symptoms rather than worried!
  • 2014poppy said:
    I wasn't feeling pregnant until I just threw up repeatedly right when I woke up. I'm 6.5 weeks. Now I wish I had just been thankful for the lack of symptoms rather than worried!
    Yup, I haven't thrown up yet but I've come really close and basically had 4 days straight where everything makes me nauseous. I've been living on soups, bread, and crackers bc they seem to be the only thing that doesn't make me sick just thinking about it. Poor DH he's been on his own cooking bc I've just been grossed out by food.

    now I think it's kind of funny how desperate I was a week ago to "feel pregnant" because falling asleep nauseous and waking up nauseous is just no fun. 
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  • I'm mostly just tired, and a little grumpy... I'm six weeks along and none of the classic symptoms have hit me. I'm trying to be grateful, but I won't lie, it scares the s*** out of me. I sometimes wish that I could at least feel something so I knew something was going on in there. I'm too paranoid for my own good haha.

  • I'm on the same boat!! Other than being symptoms here and my ultrasound is at 12 weeks
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