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Nursing strike-give up or keep trying? Sooo frustrated!

Hi gals! Quick background: except for about a week when she was a newborn and not gaining weight, DD was EBF for seven months. In April I went back to work part time and my supply dropped and we started supplementing with formula. Around that time she started biting me, which sucked as I'm sure you can imagine.

Fast forward to now-she is nine months and for the past few weeks has been refusing to breastfeed. Occasionally she'll do it if I put it right in her face and she's tired, but even then it's only for a minute or two and she's off. Everything I've read says babies don't self-wean before a year, so I'm convinced this is a nursing strike. right now I'm pumping to keep up my supply (which is a fraction of what it used to be) but I'm considering throwing in the towel and just giving up completely. I worry though, that this is just a phase and if I stop BF'ing I'll regret it. I also don't feel emotionally ready to stop. I loved being able to nurse and have that time with her. It makes me so sad that she doesn't want to do it anymore.

What would you do? Any of you been through this? I'm honestly really struggling and don't want to make the wrong decision. Thanks so much!

Re: Nursing strike-give up or keep trying? Sooo frustrated!

  • Im going through this with my lo at the moment!  (October lurker here).
    He's 8.5 months and acts as though he wants to feed,  has one suck and pulls off and then gets hysterical.
    Im wondering if it's something to do with teething. I also cut down his solids as i would rather him take in more milk (which is better at this age anyway).
    I can get him to drink when he's super tired,  but he never nurses for long. 
    It's disappointing and frustrating, i know how you feel. 
    It's made me really sad also.  I've just amped up my pumping to keep my supply up and i will just continue to offer the breast.
    Hopefully it's just a phase. Good luck to you! !!

  • 9 months is a huge growth spurt/leap, and when teething is involved that is just a magical combo (not!!).  It's really up to you and your goals for BF - if you want to longer, keep offering the breast and your LO will eventually get back on board.  If you're ready to be done, congrats for making it this long! 
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  • In the SAME boat and it's so frustrating. I adore nursing - but she's on a major strike and doesn't seem intent to give it up anytime soon. How long do strikes last for!?! 
  • I believe this is what we are going through. I just wait until she's really ready to eat. If I try to put her on when she's hungry but just not that into it I get no where. She wants to sit up. Climb all over. Look around. I just wait and she nurses really well. Hope that helps. 
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