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I'm so excited!! We have pulled the goalie!

Haha! But seriously we are so excited! This is going to be so hard not to be counting until test day! Then not reading into every little twinge. It's been almost 6 years since I was last pregnant. So I feel new to this all over again!!! 

Re: I'm so excited!! We have pulled the goalie!

  • You should check out the ttgp board... they have a daily check in for the two week wait, and another daily check in for waiting to ovulate... it's a very active board over there!! But still keep us over here, patiently waiting, posted!
  • Good luck, mama! Stock up on those Dollar Store tests - then you won't feel as bad when you take them every day. ;) 
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  • Good luck!
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  • ...guess what... we just did too!!! I hope you got a bfp! Its kind of a long story why we decided to, buuut I am like 1827383 different emotions right now... I will keep you posted! 
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