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TTC after chemical pregnancy, but still no period!

Kbrown60Kbrown60 member
Hey Everyone, I am so annoyed and confused with my body right now! I am trying for baby #2, and have been for over a year. I finally got my BFP on 4/30/16 at about 5 weeks prego. On 5/2/16 I startebleeding, which ended 5/6/16. I went to the doctor on 5/9/16 and was informed I had experienced a chemical pregnancy and had my blood levels checked. I was told there was no HCG in my system, and I could expect a period in 4-6 weeks. I am now going on week 7 with no period! I have had PMS like symptoms such as period like cramps, as well as isolated cramps on the left or right sie of my pelvis. I have also been experiencing fuller and more tener breasts and nipples, bouts of nausea, back pain, and fatigue. I typically only experience PMS symptoms up to a week prior to my period starting, not 3!  I am on cycle day 47 and still nada. Did this happen to anyone else? I have a doctor appointment scheduled for tomorrow, but was curious if anyone experienced a super late period after a chemical pregnancy. I have taken several pregnancy tests in the past 3 weeks, last one was yesterday, that all state negative.  They were however internet cheapies (ClinicalGuard), but couldnt imagine 25 tests could be bad! Has anyone had any positive or negative experiences with these pregnancy tests? Really hoping I get pregnant soon.

Re: TTC after chemical pregnancy, but still no period!

  • I'm really sorry for your loss. Can your doctor give you Progesterone to kick-start your period?
  • pce515pce515 member
    I didnt have a chemical pregnancy, but did have a MC on 5/6.. I still have yet to have my period, I am calling the doctor today...
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  • Bai-by2016 I was not aware of that option, nor did they  mention it.  She told me if I don't start in a month (already at 7 weeks here!) to call them.  She said it can take a while for your hormones to regulate after a pregnancy, although I was given a blood test 5/9 and told HCG was not in my system any longer. To make matters more frustrating, I now have watery pink discharge when I wipe..  I don't know if this was from the exam earlier today, a sign of my period coming, or implantation bleeding since I have no idea when or if I ovulated this month!  Anyone have any ideas on this spotting?  I have never bled from a pap before so very confused! pce515, what did your doctor say?  Have you been experiencing cramping as well?
  • ksheacksheac member
    I'm experiencing the same thing right now myself! I'm TTC baby #2 and have been since January. On Wednesday I had light spotting and thought it was my period so I put in a tampon on and off until Friday. On Friday I realized there was barely anything there so I took the tampon out and have only had on and off spotting since. Since no actual flow came I took a test on Sunday and had a very faint positive line.  On Monday I got a slightly darker line but still faintish and today I took a digital and it said not pregnant. I started to fret so I took another regular one and now there is no line! I'm guessing this is a chemical pregnancy like your talking about? My doctor told me to wait until Monday to take another test and that will give us more clear answers but I've yet to have an actual flow?? Do you typically bleed/have a regular flow with a chemical pregnancy??
  • Hi ksheac, this sounds very similar to what happened to me.  I had pinkish/watery spotting for a few days, and then bright red spotting, and then what appeared to be a medium flow period with small clots for a few days. It lasted less than a week and I was done!  I took a pregnancy test that weekend and it was negative.  I called my doctor's office, and she advised if it came back negative after the bleeding, that it means that I am no longer pregnant and I had a chemical pregnancy.  I still went in a few days later for a blood test to ensure my miscarriage was complete.  Where yours was only a few days of spotting I'm not sure.  I have read other peoples posts that stated it took up to a week for them to start actually bleeding once they started spotting with a chemical pregnancy.  If you did have a chemical pregnancy, I'm sorry for your loss.  My fingers are crossed for you that everything is okay!  Let me know what you find out after Monday!
  • ksheacksheac member
    Thank you so much for your insight and kind words Kbrown. I actually woke up today with cramping and bleeding, so I guess it's here. They still want me to take another test on Monday but I'm pretty sure it will be negative. I hope I can start TTC again after the bleeding stops and I will ovulate as normal, but who knows? Has anyone else had trouble conceiving after a chemical pregnancy? And if not how long did it take?
  • I'm sorry to hear that ksheac.  Let me know how the test goes Monday!  I am still sitting hear waiting for my period to start.  I have gotten a few pimples the past couple of days which I never get, exhaustion/fatigue, and backache.  I'm praying these are hormonal changes I'm experiencing and either am about to start my period or am pregnant!
  • pce515 did you contact your doctor?
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