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Standing in crib..HELP!

so sleep never used to be a problem for my LO, but all of a sudden, as in the last two days, she is pulling herself up in her crib and will not lay down to sleep. She's been in her crib almost an hour and a half now and I don't see her fading!!! Anyone have any tips???

Re: Standing in crib..HELP!

  • When our LO first figured out how to do this he did the same thing! There really wasn't much we could do about it, it just sort of lost it's novelty after awhile.  He still stands for a bit (sometimes 20+ min), but not nearly as long!  We would just try to ignore watching him on the monitor for a bit because we were driving ourselves crazy, and eventually he would settle down and fall to sleep.  

    Sometimes he'll wake up, stand for 2 seconds and lay right back down and go back to sleep, so odd!!
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    When my LO first figured out how to stand in his crib, he would take the very opportunity I lay him down to turn over and pull himself up to stand - even if he was obviously very tired! It really got in the way of his ability to nap. But like above, once the novelty faded (2-3 days), and he grasped the concept from sitting to standing and then back to sitting safely (instead of letting go while standing and falling down on his back), I use his playfullness in his crib to my advantage. The moment he gives me signs of being tired and ready for a nap, I nurse then place him in his crib fully awake. He then plays around, crawls, and stands from one side to another. He then eventually, after 10 or so minutes, burns himself out and lays back down and sleeps all on his own. It has made nap times so much more independent! 
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  • Just keep reminding yourself, this too shall pass. Just like the others mentioned, the novelty will wear off. Just keep putting him back down. 
  • We are a week into this and it's still going strong. Hoping the newness wears off because sleep is already limited around here, now this! 
  • Just curious: does using a sleep sack help? My LO isn't quite pulling herself up into a standing position so I don't know if it will work or not but she currently takes all naps and night time in a sleep sack which kind of limits her from standing (although I've been told many kids DO know how to do it in a sleep sack) - but for now it keeps her from getting her legs stuck through the rungs. I would imagine it would make it VERY difficult for our LO's at this age to truly stand up in the crib - maybe try that? But then again... The minute you stop the sleep sack I'm sure they'd go right back to standing in the crib all over again - but maybe by that time they would be able to sit themselves back down so you wouldn't have to run in everytime? 
  • They will eventually learn to sit back down and the stress of the standings will go away because you'll know they are capable of handling things themselves 
  • we have sleep sacks, but the only one I'd feel comfortable putting her in now is an A+A which is super be worried she'd tangle herself up in it :-/ it's also so hot in her room until it cools down at like 2am. She finally knocked out last night...but she's currently in her crib for nap and it's been like a half hour and she's still awake, just moving and thrashing around. I'm assuming this is 6th leap stuff? She's also not wanting solids near as much...should I be worried?
  • We went through the solids thing about a week ago. It lasted for almost a week and then she was good again. My friend said that her babies all went on a food strike between 9 and 10 months. It's so frustrating. Some things that helped us was to feed her in a different spot, and give her puffs or cracker bits on her tray. 
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    My daughter pulled herself up in her crib lastnight, laid her head against the edge of her crib and closed her eyes again. She opened them right away but it was kind of cute to watch. After a few minutes of her standing, I went into her room and laid her down again. She fell asleep shortly after (yay).
    Sleep sacks don't slow my daughter down. She has masteres crawling, standing and attempting to walk while wearing one. 
  • @cait040415, our son is in a sleep sack too and he still does the standing, they find their ways!  It might take awhile for the novelty to go away...our son still does it...A LOT.  This morning, it took him 25 minutes before he fell asleep for his nap.  But, he was content in his crib just cruising around and standing, no crying or fussing at all.  And then eventually he just lays down and goes to's frustrating sometimes because it does take SO long.  One advantage to it was that he learned pretty quickly how to sit himself back down, and I feel like he practiced that most while in his crib.  So we didn't have any occasions where he was "stuck" standing.

    The eating issue, no answer for that one.  He is just over 9 months, and his bottles have been a nightmare lately. It's like he has no time to drink a bottle, all he wants to do is stand and play.  He drinks a few ounces and then wants down.  Giving him a bottle used to take like 10 minutes, now we're up to about 45 minutes sometimes...and with him not even finishing it!  We have to constantly keep stopping and letting him play and then offer again...driving me crazy!

    He will eat his solids okay (still doing purees and puffs).  I am starting to introduce chunks of fruits and veggies, but he doesn't have much interest yet.  So I'll just keep offering.
  • It's a phase though a frustrating one.  

    What worked with DS1 (he struggled with this much more than DS2): 
    I made a rule, I would lay him down two or three times (I can't remember).  After that I would kneel by his crib and pat the mattress through the crib rails.  

    While doing this I would repeat the phrase "Lay down and go night, night".  Getting down on the floor will encourage LO to get down to your eye level on his own.  It helps him learn how to lay down by himself during a (relatively) stressful situation, ie dark, sleepy, upset etc.  

    Lots of practice during the day is also important but I found this last step really helped my little guy put what he learned during the day into use at night.  Also, the phrase was something we instituted during shush/pat so he knew that it was meant to signal bedtime.  
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