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At LOs nine month appointment our pediatrician said to start real food (move away from puréed baby food). He said give her anything we eat, within reason. That was a big jump as I still had her on stage 2 baby food. He also said she should start weaning from breast milk (I EP). 

I have no idea where to start with food! What food have you given LO? How much? What do you prepare for snacks vs meals? If they won't eat it, are you still giving purées so they're not hungry? How small do you cut it? I feel like she'll choke on everything! Any advice is really appreciated! 

ETA: Pediatrician said she'll start to wean herself and it'll go to 3 bottles a day, 3 meals a day and 1-2 snacks. 

Re: Food Advice

  • I do both and the pedi said that was fine. I give him either a puree or I cut up fruit salad for breakfast. Macaroni and cheese or puree for lunch and dinner we give him puree and if we're having chicken I give him a couple pieces 
  • I give him the same stuff that I used to puree, but now I just chop it or shred it depending on what it is. So like shredded chicken and steamed carrots will go down tonight when I get home. Still freeze it all like I did my purees too. I also EP and and letting him decide how much milk he wants. But at 11 mos she did want me to start adding almond milk/dairy milk to my breast milk and wean him that way. 
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  • We are still mostly giving purées, but lo just started putting whole puffs in her mouth vs eating a 3rd of one and then tossing it on the floor. Have you done any sort of finger food yet? I started with baby mum mums and then added in puffs because they dissolve quickly in their mouth. After I felt like she was doing well with those, I started breaking up a ritz cracker ( low sodium) and offering that. I also give her very small bites of stuff that I'm eating and I've given her 1 inch long pieces of soft fruits and veggies like watermelon or baked sweet potato although that usually ends up on the floor. So far she loves stronger flavored foods like mild Indian food, Minestrone soup, bits of egg white, chicken, turkey burger, grilled cheese. But she's not eating enough of those to meet any nutritional needs yet so I give purées to make up the difference. I do the finger foods while I'm getting her food ready and then when we eat. 
  • The milk weaning sounds like terrible advice - I would personally seek another opinion.  I just had our 9-month appt today and my pedi encouraged continued breastfeeding as it should be the primary nutrition source at this age. The WHO nor the AAP recommend weaning before 1.  
  • Scrambled eggs was one of our first solid foods, they are very soft and can easily be picked up by baby. I'm paranoid about choking so I cut up all food pea sized, but his dad will give him bigger chunks. Banana and avocado are excellent and easy as well. 
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    I started by giving my daughter cheerios. They get very soft very fast. She learned to pick them up quite quickly. She is now eating just about everything. I stil cut the pieces pretty small. The only issue that I really run into is that she sometimes struggles to pick the small pieces up. 
  • I think what your pediatrician says make sense.  Around this age most babies will start to eat fewer liquid calories and more solid food.  Its a gradual process so it makes sense that we would prepare for it rather than expect a drastic decrease on the eve of their first birthday.  DS is 10.5 months and he is basically at 24-26 oz per day and 3 solid meals.

    Steamed carrots, black beans, rice, eggs, cheese, apples, bananas (great to start!), waffles, muffins, baked beans, ground beef, peas and carrots, green beans etc.  We just cut them up a bit small for him.  If I'm making a pasta I'll just cook some elbow noodles for DS2 and use those for him rather than what the rest of us are having.  DH gave him some salmon last night which apparently he liked.  He really just eats anything, I just cut it up into smaller bites for him.  
  • We started out with the baby "snacks" - puffs, crackers, crunchies, yogis - that are made for infants and basically dissolve in their mouths after they gum them. Then we started trying other softer foods like baked sweet potato fries (he loves these and they're super easy for him to eat), mashed potatoes, lightly toasted bread, pancakes, ground beef with marinara sauce on toast, etc. We still give him purees but most of the time he refuses to let us spoon feed him, so we use the purees as a spread on bread or as a dip for his crackers. His favorite is "pea dip" with crackers ... silly boy, lol. We also let him practice using the spoon with his purees and load it up for him, then let him put it in his mouth. 

    We went down from 6 bottles/nursing sessions a day to 5 around 8 months when we increased his solid food, but we won't be dropping any other feedings until probably 11 months where we'll drop the before dinner feed. Then we'll switch over to cow's milk once he turns 1 and wean over the next month at that point. 
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