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Back to work for work at home mom


But seriously, help?

I've started working as of last week, and I am lucky enough to be working from home for my job. But since starting my job again, my little girl has not been happy.

She is screaming more than she ever has. I feel like she is hungrier than ever before. I am breastfeeding, but also supplementing with formula. I know I'm not over feeding her, but I feel like no matter how much I do feed her, its never enough!  She still has plenty of wet and poopy diapers steadily throughout the day.

But she also isn't sleeping much more than an hour or two, if that, at a time during the day and night. Luckily my husband is taking the night shift, and watches her til I get up around 5am. I play with her, hold her, talk/ read to her what I'm working on. But unless I hold her over my shoulder, she isn't happy.

I feel like I'm not getting any work done. I feel like I'm failing to properly feed my child, because she screams from hunger so often now. (add in our older pets having health issues this week and we had tornado storm damage to the house also).  I've been crying more lately from not being able to cope with everything, and just randomly at news articles and tv shows.  I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all.  This is our first child, and I'm not always sure I'm doing right by her.

Any advice? Tips?

Re: Back to work for work at home mom

  • How old is she? 
  • 12 weeks, and 6 days
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  • Lurking from April 16... 

    Could be a wonder week? I believe there's one around week 12. 

    Are you sure she's crying from hunger? Could she be overstimulated?
  • There is a wonder week around 12 weeks. It is mental leap three-the world of smooth transitions. 
  • Im glad y'all pointed her to the wonder weeks cause I asked her a question getting to that and ghosted! 

    I refer to to the Wonder Weeks app for everything. It's been pretty spot on with DD. We're in the 4th leap right now and she's been extremely fussy and hard to please and sleep is basically nonexistent for all. 

    Hopefully you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel by now. 
  • it seems like her blood curdling cries are signaling that she is tired but can't figure out how to go to sleep.  we've tried reading, rocking, singing, walking up and downstairs, more feeding (if she'll take a boob or bottle)... 
  • amyidamyid member
    do you use gripe water? or miracle water as my mom calls it ! We have a pretty low key baby who is always smiling and happy, she barely cries so when she does it is usually awful for me ( yes, I am totally spoilt with this baby ) .. the second she starts to fuss she gets a little bit of gripe water and I am not sure if its the sweet taste or just the distraction but she ceases to moan almost instantly... I always have a bottle on hand in the house now. We had a few days of these crazy crying episodes (over tired) similar to what you seem to be going through, they would last a few minutes but it seemed like they would last water, darkened, quiet room and she would snap right out of it or just go to sleep. 
  • we haven't tried gripe water yet.

    But I am with you on the always smiling baby...that all of a sudden starts to have blood curdling cries.

    Thanks everyone for the tips so far!
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