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Breast milk vs formula

I'm attempting to nurse my tongue tied 3 week old but am having to pump to supplement since she struggles to get enough from the breast with her tongue tie and high pallet. I run out of breast milk by the evening so I will give her some enfamil newborn formula. The formula causes gas, fussiness, and lots of spit up. Anyone know what could cause this and any recommendations? I am going to call the pediatrician in the morning but just wondering for tonight. My poor baby just screams and sounds like she's having bad stomach pain. 

Re: Breast milk vs formula

  • Probably bad gas because of the tongue tie. Even with a bottle it can cause problems. Depending on the degree of tongue tie, it can also cause speech and eating/swallowing issues in the future. We took our guy to a specialist and had it clipped
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    i agree with thinking about maybe getting the tongue tie clipped. it'll probably make both your lives easier. your LO might also not be agreeing with the kind of formula you're using. maybe consider switching brands to see if that makes a difference..? 

    you can also give 2.5ml's of gripe water to help with the tummy troubles. gripe water has been a life saver for my LO who also struggles with upset tummy.
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  • Another vote for having the tongue tie clipped. We did with DS1. It made a huge difference and is a really minor procedure. 

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  • Mines not tongue tied but hates nursing and I don't produce much period. So I try to nurse and pump all day but he still needs some formula. I started with the same newborn and had similar issues. So we tried the gentle ease and he does way better on that formula 
  • As far as the formula, the newborn enfamil caused my daughter to have curdled spit up. I switched her to the gentlease and she doesn't do that anymore. Parents choice makes a gentle one too that's the same as the enfamil and you can get a large tub of it for a lot cheaper than the small cans. My 2nd born had a tongue tie as well, it's an easy fix and I'm pretty sure they just do it right at the office. 
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