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Father's Day?

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What did you mamas and your little ones do for Father's Day? Any special plans? Presents? :smiley:

Re: Father's Day?

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    My family and I cooked for my dad today. My baby boy and I gave him a superman hallmark card which was super cool, the card was covered with a white dress shirt and the buttons were opened to show the "S" for superman. My son and my dad have a superman shirt so I thought it would be cool to give him a card to match! Thank God for grandpa as he has been the best father figure for my son! :blush: I still have to finish a book in shutterfly with pictures of them both! 
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    I got my husband two books to read girly about daddy and baby. Then we  got him a shirt that says "The Walking Dad". My hub had to work unfortunately, so we didn't get to see him until 1.  From then we went to see grandpa. Baby girl painted him a picture the day before. She missed her last nap because we went there and by time we got home, she was sooooooo ready for bed. Before bed though, daddy got to read girly her new books. 
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  • I got my BF a custom RTIC cup, he's been wanting one and we spent the day out at the lake Saturday then relaxed most of Sunday. All around it was a great weekend
  • A bag of daddy stuff and we went to the zoo :)
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