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TMI... way TMI

i just have to ask! Has anyone else struggled with pp hemorrhoids? My LO is 12 weeks old and I have had discomfort for about a month now. I read up a little online and thought they would go away on their own, but that hasn't happened. Every BM is extremely painful. It's also a little strange because I had a c section. I picked up some over the counter cream and I'm planning to call my doctor this week but I was just wondering if anyone else had experience with this issue? Sorry for the TMI. Just very frustrated and this isn't something I want to live with!

Re: TMI... way TMI

  • Me too. Almost 11 weeks pp. still taking a stool softener, eating lots of veggies, tucks... Etc... I also got this steroid from my doc... It's awesome!.. But they are still there...
  • I have them too at almost 11 weeks pp as well. Mine have slowly gotten a little better. I have been supplementing with 200 magnesium and that has made bm's much easier. 
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