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First ER Visit

So this morning LO was eating peas and Cheerios for breakfast. We do BLW so coughing and gagging is never a big deal and definitely not out of the ordinary. However, this time was one of those coughs you could tell that something definitely went down the wrong pipe. She caught her breath, gave a good cough, and continued on her merry way eating the rest of her food. After breakfast, while crawling around and playing, I thought what are usually high pitched squeals were being replaced by wheezing, but I wasn't sure if maybe she just discovered a new sound to make. I couldn't help but think she had aspirated a pea or cheerio but figured I was just being a paranoid first time mom. She continued making the sounds and it just didn't sit right with me so I called my nurse advice line and they advised a trip to the ER. Of course the whole ride down and the 3 hours in the waiting room we didn't hear a single wheeze. But finally we went for our X-ray and got the results within 30 mins. Sure enough LO shows signs of aspiration and now we are waiting to be transferred to a pediatric pulmonologist where LO may have to have a bronchoscopy, depending on what the Dr says. Apparently there aren't any nearby so looks like we are in for a long day. LO is acting perfectly happy and is very stable. But seriously mamas. If you think something is wrong, it probably is. Trust your instincts. When the doctor told me the news my heart sank because obviously I wanted to be wrong. But he told me good job bringing her in, I did the right thing. And I can't help but feel proud to be a mom. To know my baby so well and feel so deeply connected that I was able to catch and act on something that could end very badly if left untreated. I'm super scared though for what comes next. I know LO is going to be ok, but I hope it's not a rough day for her and and I really hope they don't have to put her to sleep if they end up going through with the procedure. Anyone go through this before?

Re: First ER Visit

  • Aw poor baby. hugs!
  • I'm an xray tech so I've seen it from the other end. With things like coins we take a full length body xray to find it. Your lucky to have caught it early aspiration pneumonia is no joke
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  • Poor baby. So glad you trusted your gut instinct. It's given to us for a reason. I hope everything turns out a ok!
  • Great job mama!! 
  • Good catch! I know it's overwhelming but you did the right thing and it will all work out :)
  • BognesBognes member
    So scary. The gag and cough scare me every day. I can't imagine this. Good on you mom. 
  • Any update?
  • You're an amazing mama!!! 
  • Aw! Must have been a rough day for the both of you. I'm glad to hear everything is well! You never know who you may help in the future too for posting this, so thank you for sharing!
  • jenboston22jenboston22 member
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    Oh my goodness, we just went through almost the exact same thing! Except rather than Cherrios and peas, my son coughed/gagged on a piece of playing card (a paper one that goes with a board game, not one from a deck of cards). This happened Friday. We also started hearing "wheezing" noises (also mostly during play, but in our case, termed stridor, so, with inhalation). Over the weekend we had multiple visits with his pediatrician and two ER visits (both ER visits per pediatrician advice), and we just got home from an overnight stay in the hospital following our son's bronchoscopy. In his case they actually did not find anything -- they're saying that maybe he ended up coughing it out and the stridor is from residual irritation? We're not sure yet, but we're glad that nothing seems to be in his airway. We'll need to follow up again with our pediatrician.

    Glad your LO is safe! So scary!
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    That is super scary! Hope your LO makes a speedy recovery
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