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Water tables?

Hey ladies! So all the water tables I see say 18+ mos. But I think DS would do great with one. He loves the faucet and any water and stands great. Are you guys using them? And if so, any recommendations? There are way too many to choose from! Thanks!

Re: Water tables?

  • DS has been using ours for about 6 weeks I think, our neighbor who is 4 days older uses theirs too.  He loves it.  We have the Little Tikes table. 

  • Love it!!! Too cute. Thank you!!!
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  • Yes we have that one too. It's smaller then I thought! But my girls LOVE theirs (they're 5 and 3). They love it filled with bubbles so sometimes I'll add some dish soap to the water. Maybe not a good idea for babies lol. (Unless you add baby shampoo!) 
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    I've been debating about one of these too. Maybe get one that can do both sand and water? Not necessarily at the same time, but that way it's more universal, especially if it's too cold for water outside
  • Our friends have one for their 18 month old and we were over the other day and my LO loved it! I definitely need one now!
  • Thanks ladies! We bought the pirate one and I put it together this morning. We have used it 3 times today so far. He loves it! I recommend this one for sure, so much to do. Although he looks unimpressed here  lol  
  • My 9 month old ate the sand in the cheap one we got for $20 at a local ma/pa store. Ha-ha and she loves water also but was not too amused with the table other than eating the sand lol maybe she'll like it more in a few months !
  • we just went to our friends house and their older babies had one and my LO LOVED it! Daycare has one now and the video she sent with him playing in it squealing is adorable.  I have decided we need one :)
  • Sweet...I have been wanting one but was also thrown off by the age on the box. Obviously he would only have access when I'm standing next to him! I think this could be a great new activity for us! 
  • There are a bunch on sale on Zulily today! 
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