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Baby proofing pet bowls?

Anyone have any brilliant ideas or solutions to keep LO out of the pet bowls?  We keep the cat's bowls in the kitchen and now that DD is crawling she is so intrigued by them!

Re: Baby proofing pet bowls?

  • My LO puts his hands in dog water dish just about every day.  We put the food bowls up after dogs eat but other than that I have no idea how to baby proof them. 
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  • We keep the kitties' water bowl in our office which has a baby gate with a pet door to keep lo and the dog out. The dog's water dish is on a tile floor so if she gets into it and makes a mess it isn't a big deal
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  • Ditto as above, I have pulled more than 1 piece of dog food out of LO's mouth. We also pick them up.
  • The dogs water dish is our main problem! DS has made it his life mission to reach the water bowl. I use baby gates, but open and close them frequently so the dog can drink water. I spend a larger portion of my day dealing with this issue than I care to admit
  • I have the water bowl in a corner and just lay a kitchen chair down to block it off. It works for us. 

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