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Help!! How do I keep baby earrings in?

So I got her ears pierced at 5 months old and she's 8 months old now. She's been doing fine with them, but the past few days I noticed the earring back is coming off. They feel pretty tight on the post. I'm not sure if they are falling off or she's pulling them off. They have the basic butterfly earring backs that snap into place on the post right now.

Re: Help!! How do I keep baby earrings in?

  • I find the screw on backs are the best for my girls. You can get them where they are plastic but the inside that the actual earring touches is gold 
  • Yup exactly what @ItsmeR30 said. DD is 5 & i still use earrings with the screw back piece on her. 
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  • Thanks. I got screw on ones today. They def seem more secure!! Though I miss how her original earrings looked.
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