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Goodbye gallbladder

So another thing they never tell you is post partum you can develop gallstones and then one can escape and get stuck and then you turn yellow, have worse pain than when i was giving birth, and then have to get the gallbladder removed . So apparently during pregnancy our increased estrogen can start causing the growth of gallstones. I'm "lucky" they are small so they don't stay put in the gallbladder aka not lucky and will now have to take it out Friday. Wish me luck ladies!

Re: Goodbye gallbladder

  • momofsweetpsmomofsweetps member
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    Good luck. You will feel so much better. The most sick I have ever been was when my gallbladder had so many stones and not functioning. I became so dehydrated, my organs started shutting down so I was in the hospital for almost a week before surgery. My #3 kiddo was 5 months old. Awful awful. I felt so much better after it was removed. I hope surgery goes smoothly and you recover quickly. 
  • CEW225CEW225 member
    I had my gallbladder out 5 years ago and I never knew I felt that bad until after I had it taken out.  I felt so different afterwards!  It was amazing!  I didn't have stones but a 0% function rate.  It basically quit working.  

    Take it easy, but walking is really good during the recovery period.  I actually went to Disney World about 2.5 weeks after my surgery and it was the best decision I made. No crazy rides or anything, but all that walking made a huge difference!  Hope all goes well!
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  • Also had mine removed when my baby was 6weeks. I was sick with pancreatits.. The worst pain ever. I was in the hospital for 9 days then an additional 4 days the following week. You will definitely feel better. Good luck! 
  • I had mine removed as a teenager before I was pregnant. The recovery is really easy and not as bad as it sounds. I was up and walking later that day in my home. I wish you a fast recovery! Your body will digest things differently though, so be prepared lol 
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    I had to have mine out about 2 months ago. I had a gallstone the size of a golf ball that they removed with it.. Plus my gallbladder was connected to the wrong duct. I had an episode of abdominal pain around 6 or 8 weeks postpartum that lasted about 2 hours. It happened every Few weeks after that and got consistently more painful and lasted longer until I finally ended up at the emergency room with the last episode. I had an ultrasound that confirmed gallstones and inflammation of the gallbladder- 2 weeks later I had surgery to have it removed and was home about 2 hours after surgery. 3 days post op and I was feeling pretty much fine. They tell you no heavy lifting (nothing above like 10lbs) for at least 2 weeks.. Which was not even an option for me because my then-6 month old was already like 22lbs. Plus I'm a sahm. So yeah, I made it about 3 days. It probably caused my heal a bit slower but nothing awful. I just made sure to inform my doctor that it wasn't an option not to lift him for 2 weeks. He put a couple of extra stitches in my belly button incision to help compensate.

    oh and definitely what @chelseajeanene said! Be prepared to have some digestive problems for at least a month after. That was the worst part. TMI but when it was time to go I had to find a bathroom ASAP.
  • Thank you ladies this makes me feel much better. I'm so anxious 
  • I keep having these random horrible super low abdominal pains(that rival giving birth)....does that sound like what you are having?? I have been clueless what is up. It comes and goes with no rhyme or reason! 

    Also, I hope it goes great and wish you a speedy recovery! 
  • @LoveLee85 oh yes sounds about right. For me it was pain around my sternum that radiated into my back. Sometimes the whole abd right under the rib cage was in alot of pain. When I was passing / getting a stone stuck it was much worse that birth
  • okay, so how weird. I have been looking into this today and now I'm like everything clicking that I'm having major gallbladder issues!!! Idk what to do. I get:
    horrible lower pain in back and it's beyond painful
    I have more diarrhea than not having it(tmi sorry)
    I also keep thinking I'm getting food poisoning BUT it has been happening a lot lately....and about an hour after I eat I get the most intense pains and start vomitimg everywhere. Apparently that's another sign! 

    I guess I make an appointment for my family dr and say my issues. Is this common aafter having a baby?? Will it correct itself? I know fatty meals or sweet is when I vomit. It's happen 3 times in the past month. @Yiggle09
  • @LoveLee85 apparently very common after baby. Just being female is a risk factor. It's possible to control with diet but if you have a stone leave the gallbladder like mine did and get stuck it's a major deal and they'll take the gallbladder out to keep that from happening again. 
  • Yiggle09 said:
    @LoveLee85 apparently very common after baby. Just being female is a risk factor. It's possible to control with diet but if you have a stone leave the gallbladder like mine did and get stuck it's a major deal and they'll take the gallbladder out to keep that from happening again. 
    Oh my, that sounds awful. I'm so sorry! I hope you have a speedy recovery!!!!!!! 
  • @LoveLee85 thank you yeah I turned all yellow and had to have an ercp to get the stone out before removing the gallbladder. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you think your going through this as well it can get dangerous quickly 
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