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Stopping lexapro

I was put on lexapro for depression. It seemed to be working for a little bit but then I went into a really bad depression. I started harming myself and I have tried enough meds to know I needed to slowly stop the meds and get back to the start again, where I could feel my emotions and maybe process them differently. Ever since I have had horrible periods well period because it's been non stop for almost 3wks now. Is that weird after stopping a antidepressants? 

Re: Stopping lexapro

  • What disage were you given? Lexapro has never given me these side effects, or any of my family members.
  • I would recommend seeing a doctor.  Lexapro can cause anxiety as it helps depression.  So strange, but true.  It actually gave me panic attacks.  The first time I was on it I was fine but quit cold turkey because it made me gain weight.  Never a problem with periods.  
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  • I slowly weaned off of Lexapro before TTC and didn't have any problems. My period stayed normal. I didn't go back on it after giving birth. My depression has been manageable for the most part. I still have bad days though. I would probably talk to your doctor. That sounds pretty serious. 
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