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Baby Walker?

how many people really use a walker for their babies? I read ALL of the literature against it, but does anyone have a different opinion? I write this as I'm looking at our unopened walk-a-bout that was delivered yesterday.

Re: Baby Walker?

  • We just got one for our son yesterday.  Mainly because he was taking anything he could move in the house to push and walk with.  So our kitchen chairs and stools were being pushed from one end of the house to the other.  He'd bang them into everything along the way.  We didn't want him to get hurt if it tipped over on him, or damage our walls, furniture, etc.  

    We got this one from Target.|All|matchallpartial|all+categories&searchTerm=vtech walker

    He has done a little walking with it, but right now seems more intrigued by sitting or standing and playing with all the gadgets on the front.   
  • We use one for little dude and he loves it. I never used them with my others but they were all taking steps or running by now. He doesn't go in it everyday, just when I'm trying to do something like laundry or dishes.
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  • Our pedi told us not to use one.  He also told us to get rid of our jumper. 
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  • Are we talking about a push walker or a walker they sit in? We just ordered LO a walker she sits in. Why are these bad things? I'm concerned because my LO is barely crawling and not pulling herself up on things yet...Pedi says not to worry but I am!!! I don't want to hinder her any further!
  • Everyone said that babies shouldn't use walkers now. But how many generations have had them and are just fine?! It's just another rule from paranoid people I think. I had to get a walker because my house is all doc told me to just put her on the floor and she will figure it out. How mean?! Haha I couldn't do that. 
  • DD never had a walker but because i didnt have the space @ the time(living with in laws).

    Got one for the boys because they get tired of rolling, army crawling, & sitting. So putting them in the walker gives them a different way to explore & stretch out. & they think they are bad asses cus they can go from the living room & dining room with out a problem.

    I agree with @rachellegiacco they will be fine(i survived) haha :wink: . The boys doc said to lay off of it @ around 6 months because they tend to take longer to learn how to sit on their own when using a walker. Not because its bad, but so they can sit independently faster.
  • I have both types for my kids.  They both sat on time, DS1 walked by 10 months, DS2 is getting pretty close and will probably start in the next few weeks since he has been taking first steps pretty frequently.  I've read the studies about delayed development and feel very comfortable using them.  

    The study researched the effect that not being able to view their lower extremities for an extended period of time had on the timing of baby milestones like sitting, standing, walking etc.  Most babies aren't in them for a long time, mine are usually in them only long enough for me to finish getting dressed or eat a sandwich.  IMO just make sure they can't fall don't the stairs and you're in good shape.  
  • We use one. I have read the studies as well...however I believe they are tailored more towards children who spend a great amount of time in the walkers and those who are using it as a tool for teaching the child to walk.  We aren't. He LOVES allows him to get around and get into things of course :) He is in it only a couple mins when he is in it...It helps me get dinner going/dishes finished/etc. then he is out of it.  I can see how it does not help them walk as he uses his body weight to propel himself forward but he has quickly learned with his other walk-behind toys that that doesn't work to his advantage :) I think you just need to make sure they aren't in it for an extremely long time and that you don't have stairs near where they can fall down!
  • I didn't get one because Noah wouldn't have been able to use it very long. He's over 25 lbs already so there was no point in buying one 
  • My LO loves his walker. He's really scooting around in it now and he is discovering all these new places in the house. My DH plays a peekaboo game with him where he'll run around the corner of our dining room and LO will follow him, then he'll pop around from the kitchen and surprise him from behind. LO laughs so hard, and he is starting to figure out that the space is connected so now he starts chasing him each way. It's a great way to keep him Happy for a little while, especially when I'm cooking! 
  • We received on for Christmas and LO loves it. He also has a bike thing that you can push to walk and he enjoys that as well. I know it's recommended not to use them but oh well. I hate to say that but ultimately if I followed every single guideline when how to properly raise a kid I would lose my mind.
  • Everyone said that babies shouldn't use walkers now. But how many generations have had them and are just fine?! It's just another rule from paranoid people I think. I had to get a walker because my house is all doc told me to just put her on the floor and she will figure it out. How mean?! Haha I couldn't do that. 
    My house is all hardwood. And old, damaged hardwood (original 119yo boards). I just put LO in pants and soft shoes (like robeez) to protect against splinters, and she figured it out! She spends all day on the floor except naps and meals. She can pull up on shelves/low tables but not cruising yet, she goes back to her knees to move to the next spot. 

    Sit-in walkers are banned in Canada, so we couldn't have one anyway, but we skipped all similar sit-in things (like activity chairs or jumpers) and just baby proofed the main floor so she can be more active. Plus, like @Kayciejoe56 said, OT and PT warn against it because it puts babies in an unnatural position to walk, bearing weight on their pelvis before developmentally ready. The studies I've seen have shown it delays walking by a couple weeks on average (so it's a trivial delay, but still a delay). 
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  • We had one with DD and she loved it. Didn't delay the learning or development process.
    DS has one and he loves to runaway in it. He takes steps around the playpen and crib but holds on as he moves.
    Like pp said, we have used them at one time or another and we developed just fine.

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  • Honestly I have an exersaucer that you can put wheels on and I put the wheels away in storage in a stronger moment as a newer, more paranoid indoctrinated mom, lol, now I need to go dig them out, as PP's have said I think it's fine in moderation and with supervision (aka common sense) and as my daughter won't tolerate the pack and play anymore and I don't want her on my main floor walker or dirty house are my choices, lol... She does have cut off areas that are safe and dog/ daddy boot free but there's no keeping up on the main floor enough to where I would feel safe putting her down and I'm pretty sure my gsd would run her over any ways (he does it to me, lol)
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