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Distracted Breastfeeding

Hi Mamas:
I am still breastfeeding my 11 month old son.  I just recently started having a very hard time getting him take his breast milk before bedtime.  He usually drinks milk at 7:30 and goes down at 8:30.  Recently, he will only latch on for a few minutes at a time and then will come off and want to crawl away play.  He will go on like this for up to 1 1/2 hours, not really drinking much until he is completely exhausted.  He will drink more milk when he is worn out but that is past his usual bed time.  I have considered giving him a later bed time and letting him play later, but that doesn't seem quite right as he already goes to bed kind of late.  I know wanting to play is very normal at this age.  Does anyone have any advice as to how I should adjust my routine to better meet his needs? 

Re: Distracted Breastfeeding

  • n3na94n3na94 member
    I also breastfeed my baby boy and he also is at the stage of wanting to play. There are days He goes to sleep early around 7-8 this if he has been playing all day or out and about making errands with mommy. Other days when he is usually home I've noticed he goes to sleep later around 8-9:30pm. Some one gave me an advice to try wearing him out by playing before bed time and during the day do games with him, take him out on walks of you can. Also nursing necklaces really help keeping them entertain while breastfeeding. I found  a mama owned company that also makes organic necklaces and makes them with wooden rings and my son loves playing with it while he nurses. It could also be the daylight savings time that took place a couple months ago, this kind of messed their sleeping schedule but as they grow they will become more active and perhaps want to go to bed earlier. Keep us posted mama! :smile:
  • AKOL0AKOL0 member
    The last feed before bed my LO eats quicker. Usually she is on the boob for 20 mins, but on the last feed she is on for 10 mins or less. I also feed her right before bed for 10 mins. I don't think you should try and force the feed (not that you are doing by that). But I see it this way, I eat supper but I don't always have a snack before bed. 

    My LO has a set sleep time for bed. Her naps change some, but night is always at 730. I know schedules aren't for all parents though. I find that it helps though because she knows when it is bed time. Do you do a night routine? We do diaper, lotion, dressed, a few books, cuddle daddy for a bit, nurse, and then bed. I'm not sure if this would help, but I hope so. 
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