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For those pregnant and still breastfeeding

i am so eager to start trying to conceive again.... I'm just so worried about my milk supply. I have to make it to 1 year and little man is just 9 months. Any ado vice or input on this??? How has your supply changed? 

Re: For those pregnant and still breastfeeding

  • Also, I know it must seem silly to not just wait for a few more months and no have the worry but my husband is so much older already and very eager to get it going again. 
  • I got pregnant when my first was 7 months and nursed him until he was 16 months.  I was 8 months pregnant when he stopped.  I had no issues other than cramping.  I didn't feel the let down sensation anymore while pregnant, but I didn't notice drastic changes in my supply.  
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  • I've been pregnant and breast feeding since my daughter was 5 months, she is now 9! I noticed my supply did go down but she is also on a lot of solids now. One dr told me to stop and one told me not to worry about it. I just nurse her now about once a day, it's still a special bonding time for us
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