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newborn - eyes rolling/ startled- bugeye look/ crossing

my twins are only 2 weeks old (born at 38w, both over 6 lbs, no issues found in hospital) but we already see a vast difference in eye coordination/ focus/ cognitive development/ etc between my boy and girl. The girl has good eye control, is focused and will look at our face and seems "with it" and that things are registering. The boys eyes almost never move together, he wont really look at our faces, he gives this startled/ bug eye look most of the time, and doesnt seem to be "there" cognitively. I understand that its very early to be making any assumptions but in our gut something seems wrong. We saw a nurse earlier this week but she only said to wait and see. So We have a doc appt friday and a call into a major childrens hospital in out area. 

However, i wanted to ask this group if anyone else experienced this at all and if so, was it something their baby grew out of or did it turn out to be some cognitive or visual issue. Just looking for some hope that this turns out to be normal or at least not something serious.  

thanks in advance for any comments/ responses! 

(also posted in 0-3 months board) 
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